Geo 2 ~ Pattern Wall Tiles

Difficulty: Dimensions: 23.5" X 47.25" Pieces: 4




UK designer Kirath Ghundoo, known for her geometric wallpaper, brings her pattern play to Blik with two sets of Pattern Wall Tiles that play nice together: Geo 1 and Geo 2.

In Geo 2 Pattern Wall Tiles, crisp line art and subtle color creates pretty patterns. There is no repeating pattern so mix-and-match the sheets any way you like.

With Pattern Wall Tiles, you can create an accent over a bed, on an interior door or frame a small section of a wall. The tiles are self-adhesive and can be repositioned and moved easily. They are completely customizable and can be cut, crafted, and arranged in a number of ways. Rotate them, combine patterns and use on most smooth flat surfaces.

These self-adhesive fabric wall tiles are eco-friendly, non-toxic and free of both PVC and phthalates. See our FAQs on Pattern Wall Tiles for more information about the care of this product.

What's Included

4 wall tile sheets per package

  • 4 23.5" X 47.25" printed sheets on white background

Meet the Designer

Kirath Ghundoo is a UK based surface pattern designer and artist with a passion for bold color, pattern and print. With a love for interior spaces, she designs wallpapers, paints and draws original artworks. Kirath launched her first wallpaper collection, ‘Mix ‘n’ Match 11’ at 100% Design, London in 2011 and since then has become a favorite of the design and interiors press both in the UK and internationally, with Living etc labelling her as "the queen of pretty geometrics." Her original abstract paintings and drawings for residential and commercial spaces are playful, joyful and exuberant in style.

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