This is the story of Blik, the world’s first removable wall graphic company.

For 16 years, BLIK has been the leading designer and maker of innovative self-adhesive, removable surface graphics. Co-founded in Venice, CA in 2002 by Scott Flora and Jerinne Neils, BLIK started as an exploration into the concept of the "wall as canvas" but it is no longer limited to walls.

Through groundbreaking production methods, original designs and collaboration with such artists and brands as Threadless, Upper Playground, Sanrio, the Keith Haring Estate, and Nintendo, BLIK offers a retail product line that is both affordable and artful. In addition to our retail and wholesale divisions, our Custom department works with clients as diverse as Google, PAC-12 and Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA.

BLIK launched Pattern Wall Tiles, the first green product to be unveiled at BLIK, in 2011. The self-adhesive tiles achieve the aesthetic of wallpaper without the hassle or mess of glue and pastes. Made from fabric, the tiles are eco-friendly and non-toxic with no PVC’s and phthalates.

Since then, BLIK has expanded its product line taking its art to other surfaces such as furniture with Surface Skins and revamped the traditional wall clock with our line of Art Clocks. In 2015, BLIK entered the Home Goods market and now brings you even more great graphic art applied to tote bags, throw pillows and shower curtains.


*BLIK is one of Entrepreneur magazine’s Annual 100 Brilliant Ideas in June 2010.

**Along with Apple, Pixar, Google, Nike, and others BLIK was a participant in the 2006 National Design Triennial at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

***BLIK is a 2004 recipient of the Product Design Distinction Award for Furniture from the I.D. Design Annual.