Kapitza #5


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Kapitza #5 is a new Folded Forms lenticular artwork from BLIK featuring colorful geometric designs from London-based design sisters, Kapitza. This piece is possibly the simplest demarcation of facets in their collection for BLIK, using an intentionally stark execution of their iconic library of hues to underscore the form of the unique form of the object itself.

While traditional lenticular prints are flat with the illusion of 3D, Folded Forms are actual 3D artworks which juxtapose two graphic images on triangular columns. 

With Folded Forms, BLIK uses lenticular optics on aluminum prism columns to lift the lenticular off the wall and create stunning 3D double-faceted artworks that shift with the viewer’s perspective. The artworks juxtapose two graphic images with one vibrant image transitioning into another as the viewer moves left to right and back again with a hybrid of the two images in the center.

Kapitiza #5 is available in Small and Large sizes and hung on the wall using different mounting systems. The Small version is assembled and hung using a magnetic “clip-on” system that includes a wooden top and bottom frame (instructions with paper pattern are included). The Large size is hung on provided top and bottom wall mounted cleats. The triangular columns are easily hung from the cleats which are rendered invisible by the art (instructions with paper pattern are included).

About Kapitza: Sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza founded Kapitza back in 2004, and since then, they’ve been known for their eye-popping geometric art. Their goal is simple: to make the world a happier place with their art. They’ve collaborated with big names, and make art that’ll put a smile on your face every day. Artwork Copyright ©2024

What's Included

1 Lenticular Artwork

  • Choose Your Size:
  • Small 34 inch wide x 35 inch high printed graphic and aluminum lenticular art piece, dimensions include 45 inch wide x 0.75 inch high top and 45 inch wide 0.75 inch high bottom wood and metal brackets required for assembly and final piece. Mounting hardware provided for drywall. Other wall surfaces may require other or additional hardware not provided.
  • Large 48 inch wide x 48 inch high printed graphic and aluminum lenticular art piece. Wall cleats and mounting hardware included for hanging on drywall. Other wall surfaces may require other or additional hardware not provided.