Stay safe! Social distancing decals that inform, remind and delight.

Give the gift of not going remotely near anyone this summer! Introducing BLIK Social Distancing decals, launching first: Safety Posters, Safety Tracks and Safe Signage.

Let's all practice the safety dance - put our masks on, wash our hands, and stay 6 feet apart - if we follow these easy steps, it will be the performance of a lifetime.

If you need help keeping up, BLIK Social Distancing floor and wall graphics are great reminders on the precautions we need to take, plus they all come with a heathy dose of humor.

Eye-catching Safety Posters combine great design, humor, and important safety reminders on poster-sized wall decals. 

Keep your distance! Stay 6 feet apart with Safety Tracks. The animal track floor decals mark proper spacing between people. Identifying the different footprints makes a fun learning experience for anyone standing in line. 

Safe Signage, a modular wall graphics package, reimagines traffic signs as fun reminders to stay safe. The set of self-adhesive decals includes 9 signs and 4 sign posts that you combine to create your own safety signs, or display signs without a post for a stand-alone message. These clever reminders will help guide you and others to stay on the road to prevention.