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Safety Posters

$75.00 - $95.00
Difficulty: Dimensions: Various Pieces: 4



Safety guidelines are serious business but they can make us feel good about following them when the messages come with a healthy dose of humor. Colorful Safety Posters are humorous reminders to wash up, social distance, and stay 6 feet apart during COVID-19.

Choose your adhesive type: Standard decals adhere to smooth floor surfaces such as polished concrete. For textured surfaces such as a sidewalk, we offer an Aggressive adhesive to keep the decals in place. All decals are self-adhesive and laminated.

What's Included

4 self-adhesive vinyl decals per package

  • 1 “Wipe It Down” decal 22” x 30”
  • 1 “Attendance Prohibited” decal 12.5” x 20”
  • 1 “This Far Apart” decal 19.5” x 27”
  • 1 “A Catchy Tune” decal 19.5" x 27”