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Safe Signage

$95.00 - $120.00
Difficulty: Dimensions: Various Pieces: 13



BLIK offers social distancing solutions that help inform, remind, and delight. 

Safe Signage, a modular wall graphics package, reimagines traffic signs for the Covid-19 times. The set of self-adhesive decals includes 9 signs and 4 sign posts that you combine to create your own safety signs, or display signs without a post for a stand-alone message. These clever reminders will help guide you and others to stay on the road to prevention.

Choose your adhesive type: Standard decals adhere to smooth floor surfaces such as polished concrete. For textured surfaces such as a sidewalk, we offer an Aggressive adhesive to keep the decals in place. All decals are self-adhesive and laminated.

What's Included

2 decal sheets with 13 total decals per package

  • 9 signs decals, Sign decals include: “6ft” sign 21” x 31”; “Can’t Be Too Careful” sign 12” x 24”; “Wash/Don’t Wash” sign 8.5” x 24”; “Social Distance” sign 8” x 8”; “Mask Beyond Here” sign 8” x 8”; “6<3” sign 18.5” x 8”; “Ants>Humans” sign 12.5” x 16”; “2+4” sign 12.5” x 7”; and “Rattlesnake” sign 9” x 45”
  • 4 sign post decals, Includes 2 large posts each 70” x 2”; 1 medium post at 45” x 2”; and 1 small post at 23” x 2”

Meet the Designer

BLIK is a design studio and product development firm based in sunny Venice, CA. In addition to creating our own line of wall graphic products, we've also developed products for the Smithsonian, the Gap, Land of Nod, MTV, Veer and many others. At BLIK, we design, conceptualize, manufacture and install custom graphic environments worldwide for individuals and corporate clients though our BLIK Studio, custom graphics division.

At BLIK, we think flat is phat.