Let's hit the road. Colorful new Wall Panels feature local topography.

New topographic Wall Panels x BLIK bring Los Angeles landscape features and city grids indoors as striking patterns for your walls.

If you’ve ever been to LA, you know the urban streets are bordered by mountains and valleys. We took local topographic maps (accurate graphic representations of shapes and features that appear on the Earth’s surface such as mountains, plateaus, valleys, dams and roads) of our neighborhood streets and nearby mountain ranges and added bold colors to them to create these new additions to our removable wallpaper collection.

We love line art and the contour lines, grids and markings that make up these topographic maps create visually interesting patterns. 

Urban topographic Wall Panels feature local street grids of Los Angeles from neighborhoods of DTLA to Venice and Beverly Hills to Culver City.

For those who like to get outside the city and explore the topography of nearby mountain ranges, these Wall Panels - Gabriel, Jacinto, Ana and Bernardino - should be a natural pick.

A set of topographic Wall Panels include four 24" x 96" sheets that when paneled together, recreate an 8-foot by 8-foot topographic map on your wall. Made from eco-friendly and phthalate free fabric material, Wall Panels are self-adhesive and removable.

Explore our topography Wall Panels.