Gradient style: New dry erase that are (almost) too pretty to write on.

Color so write! You can't go wrong with new Gradient Dry Erase wall decals by BLIK.

Who says whiteboards need to be white? That's been our motto since we introduced our first dry erase decal, The Not Whiteboard, in 2013. Since then, we've added an assortment of designs, shapes and colors to our dry erase collection. 

Today we're excited to introduce our new Gradient Dry Erase decals. The gorgeous color transitions are almost too pretty to write on!

Gradient Dry Erase decals come in three shapes - Circle, Rectangle and Pebble - and 4 glorious gradients of Pink to Blue, Yellow to Green, Orange to Red, and Blue to Teal.

Install one or more decals together, align the color shifts or flip them to alternate the gradient direction; combine shapes and/or different colors. The Gradient Dry Erase also look great with our other dry erase decals and Pinboards. There are endless ways to arrange the Gradient Dry Erase.

Whether you decide to draw a masterpiece, play tic-tac-toe, jot down your grocery list or just wipe them clean, these subtle shifts of color look good in any home or office space.