It's an all new Playground

2017 is off to a great creative start with more artwork from Upper Playground. Founded in 1998, Upper Playground is an independent lifestyle brand based in San Francisco that's known for its collaborations with artists and illustrators from around the world. We're thrilled to add 9 wall graphics to our UP collection with designs from a diverse range of artists and styles.

We love the cheeky and playful girls of Free Falling and Red Balls, and the serene beauties in Prism Girls and Tiger Kids.

Wall graphics don't just need to look good, they can also tell a story. There's a narrative behind the designs Bison Trophy, Over Exposed, Setting Sail, and Cookoo Clock, whose intriguing symbols and characters fall into the sweet spot between cute and creepy. We like to think Bison Trophy has an amazing backstory and imagine this majestic pirate roaming the rolling plains until he had to put up one hell of a fight.

And then there's the sweet illustrative style of SF Native, making us nostalgic for Upper Playground's city by the bay.