Time Flies When You're Doodling! New Wall Clocks with Doodlers Anonymous.

Time flies when you're doodling. Doodlers Anonymous teamed up with BLIK to give Doodlers’ awesome illustration community a design challenge to doodle, draw, or illustrate the backdrop of a BLIK wall clock. The Design a Wall Clock challenge received over 270 submissions(!) which featured some very fun and creative artwork.

 There were 6 winning designs from the Challenge and we’re excited to finally present the winners, now available as BLIK wall clocks. They include: Carlotta Clock, He Gao Clock, Siro Clock, Lena Clock, Erdene Clock and Kissel Clock. Congratulations to all the winners!

In addition to the community design challenge, Doodlers Anonymous reached out to select artists to bring their artistic take on a clock backdrop to the mix. Sara Clock, Nigel Clock, Edau Clock, OKAT Clock, Muxxi Clock and Vahid Clock round out the Doodlers Anonymous collection to 12 eclectic designs.

 About BLIK Clocks: Our bamboo art clocks are designed to stand the test of, well . . . time. Made by our Clockworks lab which launched in 2015, our Art Clocks are made from durable, sustainable bamboo wood frames, come with an optically clear plexiglass crystal and a smooth, no-tick movement for silent precision.