1. Welcome to BLIK x BMD

    *Quick Tip 1* Try and avoid very small
    overlapping shapes.This may result in small areas that will not be able to be cut when printed.

    *Quick Tip 2* Remember that any artwork
    that extends off the canvas will be trimmed
    to the canvas edge when printed!

  2. Your Canvas

    This is where you’ll create your custom wall covering.

    Any areas that do not contain artwork
    will be cut out.

    Anything on the canvas will make it
    onto the final print and downloadable image.

    Use the handles on the letters to scale and rotate.

  3. Show/Hide Tools

    Like a tidy workspace?

    Click on any Icon in the Tool shelf to reveal its available tools.

    Click again to hide them.

  4. Take this Tour again

    If you ever need a reminder of what these tools do, you can take this tour again at any time by clicking this button.

  5. Message

    Enter a message here to kickstart your bloom
    and share it with the world, or just yourself.

  6. Swatches

    Click on any colour or gradient to change
    the fill of any letter you’ve selected, or to set
    the fill for your next letters.

    Choose random if you’d like to introduce
    some chaos!

  7. Letters

    Click any letter to add it to your Canvas, then simply move, scale or rotate it around until you’ve reached perfection.

  8. Arrange

    Change the stacking order of your letters.

  9. Delete

    Click here to delete the currently selected object on the Canvas.

  10. Clear

    Click here to clear your entire canvas.

    Careful, this can’t be undone!

  11. Finish Up

    When you’re satisfied you’ve created a modern-day masterpiece, click here to add it to your “My Blooms” gallery.

    If we really love it too, we'll add it to our Featured Gallery

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