Color Block Parallel

Difficulty: Dimensions: Various Pieces: 7


Color Block Green
Color Block Orange
Color Block Purple
Color Block Gray


Color Block Parallel wall decals by Mina Javid use color and crisp geometry to change the perception of your space. Dramatically change a space and transform the feeling of a room through the use of bold, overlapping self adhesive wall decals on smooth walls, ceilings and floors.

Color Block Parallel and Color Block Slant sets are available in four color combinations, all of which complement one another. The color block art line is designed to be mixed and interlocked.

What's Included

7 decals per package

  • A 12" x 72" vinyl decal
  • B 24" x 24" vinyl decal
  • C 14" x 88" vinyl decal
  • D 20" x 40" vinyl decal
  • E 27.5" x 60" vinyl decal
  • F 27.5" x 59" vinyl decal
  • G 18" x 18" vinyl decal
  • GRAY SET: A & B in carbon; C in silver; D & E in light gray; F & G in charcoal.
  • BLUE/GREEN SET: A & B in mint; C & D in aruba; E in green herb; F & G in teal.
  • PURPLE SET: A & B in lilac; C & D in lavender; E in dusty rose; F & G in purple.
  • ORANGE SET: A & B in tomato; C & D in tangerine; E & G in sunflower; F in cranberry.

Meet the Designer

Mina Javid holds a BA in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters in Architecture from the University of California at Los Angeles. After working for several years in a prominent Los Angeles architecture firm, she launched her design office, Mina Javid Design, in 1999 with the intent of affording strong, contemporary design to all scales and aspects of the built environment. This multi-disciplinary approach includes architectural, interior, furniture, and product design. Her sensibility and design palette is continually inspired and refined through her travels throughout Asia, Africa, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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