Is your furniture in need of a facelift? New Surface Skins can help with that. Plus 20% off.

Is your furniture in need of a facelift? Our 4 new Surface Skins can help you with that, along with 20% off all Skins. Details below.

Surface Skins are decorative decals that are a great way to bring art and color to desks, coffee tables, bookcases, dressers, and other furnishings.

Our 4 news designs feature elements of nature. Class up your desk top with Black Marble or White Marble or add a striking Red Sky or Sea Foam to your decor.

Surface Skins are laminated to keep your Skin and your furnishings safe from spills. Trim them into smaller sizes with an X-Acto blade and a straight edge for shelving and drawers. They're easy to apply; watch our installation video and get inspired to add some graphics to your space. Then be sure to use code CLOUD in checkout to get 20% off your new Surface Skin!

Details: Get 20% off all Surface Skins October 5 - 8, 2018. Use code CLOUD in checkout to save. Discount cannot be combined with any other deal, offer or discount code.