BLIK Pinboards are the new pin-ups!

Functional and stylish, new BLIK Pinboards are a pin-tastic addition to your wall decor. Whether you want to declutter your desktop or post memos for you or your office/housemates, our pinboards can help with your organization needs. 

Pinboards are made from PET, a strong polyester textile fiber, that makes crisp shapes with a self-healing surface so you won’t see the pinhole when you remove your pin. Add texture and pinability to your space with these modern shapes and sizes that give you plenty of room for pinning:

Each shape comes in four classic colors - black, charcoal, white and tangerine - that work with any interior design. Combine different sets together, or get really clever and mix Pinboards with our 26 colors of writable The Not Whiteboard or Chalk by BLIK decals for a multi-functional installation.

Pinboards are easy to install with the velcro tabs provided. Plus each set comes with eight wooden push pins to get you started pinning. Now pin, tack, post away!