Spotted: BLIK at The Guild in Austin

Our current source of design inspiration is The Guild in Austin, Texas, a new hospitality concept. And it's not just because they use BLIK graphics in their rooms. Like everything in Texas, each property has its own BIG personality, whether bohemian at Lamar Union (above with Damasco N. 2 Pattern Wall Tiles) or touring musician at Red River. The decor is bold and eclectic, and makes us feel right at home.

The mastermind behind the livable decor is Emily Basham-Hoelscher, Founder and Principal Designer of High Contrast Design House. She worked her magic for The Guild, bringing their suites to life, creating a persona for each building. "The Guild, as the brand, is the parents and their kids are all very different, yet share interesting similarities," explains Basham-Hoelscher about her approach to the different decor. 

She imagined the Lamar Union location as hippie chic 30-year-old Marianne, a bit of a bohemian traveler and art collector, who backpacked across Europe after high school before going to Berkeley. 

Music is a big deal in Austin. She assigned Red River the personality of Kurt, 27, a touring musician, film lover, and night owl, who once opened for Radiohead. He dropped out of high school with 4.0 and is the kind of guy who just might try to turn it up to 11 with Amps Pattern Wall Tiles, a rockin' design by artist Jim Houser.

All The Guild "siblings" love old-school hip hop turned motivational art, one trait they have in common, so your room could feature a Paper Jam Press x BLIK rap or rock lyric-inspired wall decal. 

Or you might be sharing your space with a Zoo Portraits well-dressed critter or two, it is Texas after all.

The "Geek Chic" decor at the University Park property is inspired by Wyatt, a 29-year-old gamer and tech industry phenom, who is all about 80's nostalgia and naturally would slumber with Asteroids above his bed.

Dexter red Playwood Pattern Wall Tiles bring out the color in a young Bill Murray at East 6th @ The Arnold. 24-year-old Jack, a fraternal twin to Zoe, who sold his dating app for touring musicians, then funded a local live music venue and a few food trucks just for fun, and claims to have hung out with Bill Murray at SXSW, inspired the old school rocker vibe at this location.

Whichever Guild personality you identify with, their hospitality concept is to make you feel at home. There is no cookie-cutter design, each suite is uniquely your own, making you feel less like a tourist and more like "welcome to the neighborhood."

BLIK creates artful products that make spaces better. We do this is in a way that is affordable, and the DIY nature of our products makes it easy for anyone to add to or switch up their decor in no time. Although BLIK brings art and design to the home of consumers, and also to commercial projects every day, we don't always get to see the end result of how a person lives with BLIK. We're pretty impressed with what Emily and The Guild came up using our products and feel their design sense can give us all inspiration. 

Sweet dreams, Bill Murray.

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