Queen of mismatch patterns!

Kirath Ghundoo, our Queen of mismatch patterns, is back with more designs for BLIK! Using geometric line art from her popular home goods such as Jazz Tartan, Fold, Checkers, Diamond and Crystal, Kirath has scaled the art to different sizes and combined designs together to create all new mix-and-match Pattern Wall Tiles.

Choose from Fold Green Pattern Wall Tiles, Blue Cross Mountain Pattern Wall Tiles, Jazz Tartan Checkers Pattern Wall Tiles, Fold Yellow Crystal Pattern Wall Tiles and Crystal Diamond Pattern Wall Tiles.

Pattern Wall Tiles are self-adhesive fabric decal sheets that are eco-friendly. We like to call them "sticky without the icky!" The Wall Tiles are great way to create pattern on an accent wall, above the bed, or you can even fill an entire wall. They're easy to apply and there is no wrong way to install. Mix patterns and colors, rotate, trim the sheets into new shapes, it's all about pattern.