Meet the new Zoo Portraits crew! And a giveaway.

Has anyone ever told you that you and your pet look alike? It's funny how humans and animals can share features and personalities and we see ourselves or others in them. Artist Yago Partal played with this concept and turned it into a collection of Zoo Portraits. Combining photography with illustration, Partal dresses the animals up in human clothing he think matches their winning personality.

Nine new animals join our Zoo Portraits family: The wild Red River Hog; two big cats, Cheetah and the African Leopard; the sweet Sugar Glider; a Cape Dwarf Chameleon, who is the ultimate lounge lizard; plus some adorable babies, the African Bush Elephant Calf; a Bordie Collie Pup; a Sea Otter Pup (dude!) and an adorable Polar Bear Cub

So which Zoo Portraits animal are you? We're giving away two Zoo Portraits wall decals. Tell us which Zoo Portraits animal looks most like you, your friend, your dad or is your favorite and you could win your pick. 

Giveaway Details: We're giving away two (2) Zoo Portraits wall decals on August 18, 2016. Tell us which one is your favorite, or that looks like you or someone you know, to enter to win it. Tell us your pick via Twitter or Instagram and be sure to tag @whatisblik or you can email with your choice. We will select 2 winners from all entries on August 19, 2016 and notify them using their entry method. The 2 winners will receive their favorite Zoo Portraits wall decal as their prize. Giveaway open to U.S. shipping addresses only.

August 19 Update: Thanks for everyone who entered our Zoo Portraits giveaway! Our 2 winners have been selected and notified.