Introducing Mousepads! Juicy designs so fresh, we put them on clocks too.

We're excited to launch A Darn Good Mousepad. As on online retailer and designer of wall graphics and graphic home goods, we're on our computers all day. We've been test-driving these new mousepads here in our office and are excited to finally introduce them to you. 

 We had specific requirements for our mousepads:

  • Large 10" diameter means extra space for mousing
  • Sweet high res print
  • Non-slip but low tack adhesive so it's easy to remove
  • Technical surface for proper tracking
  • Ultra-thin means less lip to trip you up

Based in Los Angeles, we're surrounded by farmers markets and have an abundance of fresh produce year round. This good fortune is the inspiration behind our photographic series of fruit and veggie slices for our Mousepads... and Art Clocks.

Juicy new BLIK Mousepad decals and Art Clocks with fresh produce

That's right. Art Clocks, too! We realized our new mousepad decal was the perfect size to fit our Art Clocks so we've used our juicy farmers market pics for timeless wall decor.