Introducing Art Hook Ups! A fun new way to hang your stuff.

Art Hook Ups are a new take on wall decor created by boutique design firm Annie How. The creatives at Annie How think design shouldn't be precious so they make products that are functional and fun.

With Art Hook Ups, Annie How cleverly combines a wall decal with a wall hook to hold all sorts of household objects like jewelry, cables, hats, bags and sunglasses. Placed at the edge of the decal or nearby, the hook, and what it holds, are meant to interact with the art in a practical and humorous way. 

Hang your keys or sunglasses from a Helping Hand or Pinching Hand that appears out of a hole in the wall dangling your stuff from the hook as if to say “looking for this?”; let a hook at the end of a Fishing Kid's extended pole “catch” all sorts of things; and there goes the cheeky Crow, with your personal items hooked in its talons and beak.

The Annie How line includes 18 total decals: 6 black & white photographs of random things such as a Helping Hand, an Elephant trunk or a baseball player about to make an Amazing Catch; 6 colorful gradient illustrations of birds including a Parrot and Lovebirds, and other wildlife, such as a Marlin and a Prancing Unicorn; and 6 writable decals of animal silhouettes like a Bat, Kitty and a pair of Geese, available in 28 chalk or dry erase colors.

Art Hook Ups make keeping track of your stuff fun, not stressful. They're useful, witty, some designs are even writable so you can add a note. Much of the humor comes from what you place on the hook such as a Hummingbird holding objects incongruously sized for its tiny beak or a Dog eagerly holding its own leash are pretty amusing.

Included with each Art Hook Up is one 1/2” hook tack that can hang hundreds of lightweight household objects. For heavier items, swap the provided hook with a stronger hook or nail.