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Healthy boundaries: Wayfinding graphics and PSA reminders for a safe work place.

Walk this way, just 6 feet apart, please.

At BLIK, we’re trying to make the best of a bad situation. Keeping with Health Department guidelines here at work, we maintain our distance by following our important wayfinding floor graphics and PSA reminders meant to keep us all safe. 

Our Social Distancing decals are all available in Standard or Aggressive material. Standard decals adhere to smooth walls or floors such as polished concrete. For textured surfaces like stucco or a sidewalk, we offer an Aggressive material to keep the decals in place. All decals are self-adhesive and laminated.

Safety Arrows are path-of-travel wayfinding floor graphics that inform people of approved walking paths through public spaces. For example, use them for entrance/exit flow in retail or office spaces. Minimal in design and available in 4 classic colors, these arrows get the point across. They work well on walls, too.

Safety Tape, space-defining floor decals, help inform people of safe boundaries within a larger space. Mark off individual work spaces, create stopping points between public and private areas, and when used with Safety Arrows, Safety Tape helps highlight the safe paths-of-travel.

Safety Reminders are colorful 8" polka dot decals with important safety messages like "Wash Your Hands," "Social Distancing is Cool" and "Stay Wise and Sanitize." These simple reminders in eye-catching colors encourage individual responsibility to our collective health and safety. Apply the decals to walls and floors.

Queue Spots tell you to "Please Stand Here" to maintain social distance when in a line waiting for your turn. Combine with Safety Tape to create a safe waiting area. These 8" circular polka dot floor decals are available in 4 color ways that call attention to the message.

Standing Spots bullseye design marks the spot. The set of 16 floor decals includes 12 (twelve) 6" circular bullseye decals and 4 (four) with the text "6ft". The decals safely space people out in open, congregational areas and act as a less obtrusive reminder of safety protocols. They also work well paired with Queue Spots when creating multiple queues in a space. Available in 4 color ways.

If we follow safety guidelines and make a point to keep each other safe and healthy, we can bring this pandemic to an end sooner than later. Please, let's all do our part.