Grab everything and go!

Introducing Everything Pouches! We like to call our new BLIK pouch the Everything Pouch because with 2 sizes (large and small), this cool zippered bag can hold just about anything you might need when you're on the go.

Whether you’re trying to keep yourself organized or going out on the town, the fashionable Everything Pouch can keep your keys, wallet, cosmetics, pens & pencils, art supplies, jewelry, snacks, condoms, phone, coupons, earbuds, dental floss, sunglasses, flash drives, and everything else, all in a one place.

We pulled some of our favorite Neasden Control Centre, Petr Strnad and Kirath Ghundoo designs from our collection of Home Goods for the launch of these new bags. These artist/designers are masters of pattern and the geometric and abstract Everything Pouch designs are very fashion-forward.

Made of durable, spun polyester with a double-sided high resolution print on both sides, the Everything Pouch is one stylish accessory that eliminates scrounging around in that catchall drawer or in the bottom of a bag looking for your stuff.