Designed to Mis-Align: New Kirath Ghundoo Patterns

Three new patterns - Capri Pattern Wall Tiles, Verde Wall Panels and Kandy Wall Panels - from UK designer Kirath Ghundoo are great alternatives to traditional wallpaper. Printed on self-adhesive fabric material, these wall graphics are not designed to match up or repeat so how you install them on the wall is open to interpretation. Relax, grab a friend and have fun with the installation. Flip or rotate the self-adhesive sheets and arrange in any order. There is no wrong or right way to install these patterns. 

Capri Pattern Wall Tiles comes as a set of two decal sheets, each 24" x 48" and with a different variation of the design. Combine multiple sets together to fill a larger wall space.

Verde Wall Panels and Kandy Wall Panels are oversized graphics. These Wall Panels come with three 24" x 96" sheets and each pattern can fill a 6-ft x 8-ft wall.  No two sheets are alike so you can arrange in any configuration. 

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