A trip to Cuba inspired our latest Wall Panels designs.

In June 2016, mix-and-match pattern designer, Kirath Ghundoo, toured Cuba, visiting Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Varadero. The rustic charms of this island nation compelled Kirath to capture the old history before it changed, and are the inspiration behind three new patterns for BLIK.

"Cuba is a magical place full of bright colour around every street corner with snippets of broken tiles, decaying man made surfaces with contrasting patterns. Cuba is a surface designer's dream," says Kirath. Kirath juxtaposes bold tropical colors, architectural styles like brick and tile work, with geometric line art to create Cuba Wall Panels, Trinidad Wall Panels and Monochrome Wall Panels

What are Wall Panels? Wall Panels are a set of oversized graphic panels, kind of like wallpaper but without the mess. Printed on our eco-friendly, fabric-based material, the panels are self-adhesive and do not require any sticky paste to install. Each set comes with three uniquely different 24" x 96" panels that can be installed in any order, flipped and rotated, or add sets to create striking wall art.