A new frame of reference: Introducing *Framed* Color Block Dry Erase.

Introducing Framed Color Block Dry Erase. 

Color Block Dry Erase Wall Decals, our two-color self-adhesive writable decals, are a great way to add color and functionality to your space. And bonus! Now these decals are available framed.

We framed our Color Block Dry Erase wall decals and turned them into hangable wall art because not all walls are created equal. The framed decals are a great alternative for textured walls or if you want the option to rearrange your decor or take it with you when you move.

Framed Color Block Dry Erase make your "To Do" lists and doodles look like masterpieces, plus they look like art even when they’re not in use.

Choose your frame style - Black, White, Natural or Metal - then Small (14” x 18”) or Large (16” x 24”) size, frame and then select your Color Block Dry Erase color combo. Get creative! Mix and match colors, frame options and sizes. Combine with unframed Color Block Dry Erase wall decals to create visual depth.

We recommend Expo dry erase markers for all our dry erase products. (Do not use chalk, permanent markers or any other writing tool.) Hanging hardware is included with the Frames.