BLIK Top Picks of 2015

Every year, members of BLIK pick their favorite product of the year for our Top Picks list. We introduced a lot of great designs - and new products! - in 2015 but we managed to narrow down our favorites.

- Renee, Custom Project Manager: No Sleep Till Brooklyn by Paper Jam Press "because everyone needs a little Beastie Boys in their life."

- Somita, Production Artist: Faux Re-Stik line by BLIK (Concrete, Ply, Gray Ply and OSB). "I like nature and the simplicity of these different natural patterns."

- Margo, Production: All the Spires Pattern Wall Tiles "because of the way he mixes colors but syy pyy syy is my favorite."

Kirath Ghundoo's designs for our Pattern Wall Tiles line really made on impression.

- Nick, Operations Manager: Geo 1 and Geo 2 Pattern Wall Tiles by Kirath Ghundoo. "I love Kirath’s unique use of geometric patterns and how the colors tie the wall tiles all together."

- Christy, Customer Service: Geo 1 and Geo 2 Pattern Wall Tiles by Kirath Ghundoo "MIXED together because I see something new each time I look at them."

- Paul, Production Artist: Geo 1 and Geo 2 Pattern Wall Tiles by Kirath Ghundoo. "I really enjoyed the process of launching this product line. I like how Kirath's clean, subtle geometric shaped patterns can impact a blank wall or space so much."

Some of us see ourselves or someone we know in Zoo Portraits.

- Uly, Shipping Manager: Zoo Portraits Bear wall decal by Yago Partal. "I like all the Zoo Portraits animals but the Bear is my favorite. He's so handsome and not ashamed to show off his old stylish sweater." 

- Albert, Print Production: Zoo Portraits Wolf Clock by Yago Partal. "Somehow the line reminds me of how humans have different personalities."

And our expansion into new products such as clocks, totes and home goods is exciting.

- Eric, Designer - Neasden Control Centre line of home goods and totes. "I like how Steve's amorphic graphics and use of colors looks so raw yet sophisticated." 

- Scott, Co-Founder: Art clocks by Muxxi "because I love the way Muxxi interpreted her clocks with faces; so fun and the color schemes are awesome - I want them all!"

- Jerinne, Co-Founder: Strnad #15 by Petr Strnad on a Tote and Pillow. "The pattern, the colors - they just work for me. It's a graphic that crosses over between fashion and home decor. I could have the design on a pillow and a bag, how cool is that?"