Blik Design/Build: Summer In The City

In addition to custom projects that took place in locations all around the globe, this summer Blik Design/Build also had fun working on three projects that happened in our own backyard – the city of Los Angeles, that is.

Blik Design/Build: Summer in the City

Brighter Collective:
In less than 90 seconds, watch the transformation as a vibrant LA-themed mural makes the new Brighter Collective office in the Campus at Playa Vista just a bit… brighter. Located in an up-and-coming live/work complex that includes the hangar where Howard Hughes’ legendary Spruce Goose was built, this stunning line art mural is a birds-eye view of Los Angeles, from the Santa Monica Pier to downtown LA. Design by Brighter Collective. Manufacture and install by Blik.

Brighter Collective from BLIK SURFACE GRAPHICS on Vimeo.


Zip Recruiter:
Influenced by the lush local flora of Santa Monica and non-native bamboo (it’s everywhere around SoCal), our designs bring the outdoors in at the offices of online job board giant Zip Recruiter. Blik CEO, Scott Flora, snapped photos of trees he passes on his daily run along the strand and we “replanted” them in their offices for a nature-inspired décor. Design, manufacture and install by Blik.

Blik Design/Build: Summer in the City

DiMundo Pediatrics:
Did you know Los Angeles is the urban farming capital of the US? LA has a rich history of urban farming, community and school gardens and when Dr. DiMundo, a LA native, came to Blik to help redesign her pediatric offices in Santa Monica, we incorporated her passion for chicken keeping into our kid-friendly design. Frolicking dogs, chicken and mice (oh, my!) welcome children to the clinic and help ease the transition from waiting room to examination rooms. Design, manufacture and install by Blik.

Blik Design/Build: Summer in the City