Mo Willems Lets The Pigeon Fly Into Blik

Mo Willems lets the Pigeon fly into Blik.

Award-winning author and illustrator, Mo Willems shares his best-selling children’s books with us. For those who might be unfamiliar with Mo Willems, his Pigeon series tells the story of a tantrum-throwing pigeon who will needle, beg, and plead with you, dear reader, to get his way.

Mo Willems lets the Pigeon fly into Blik.

Follow his hilarious antics from the pages of the books as they come to life on your wall with four new decal sets from these popular books:

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay up Late!

The Pigeon wants a Puppy!

The Duckling Gets a Cookie?!

Mo Willems lets the Pigeon fly into Blik.

Each set lets you be part of the storytelling. Included are blank dry erase speech bubbles that let you speak for the pigeon, adding your favorite phrases from the book or create your own.

Mo Willems lets the Pigeon fly into Blik.

Giveaway: We’re so excited to have Mo Willems and his Pigeon as part of our product line. To celebrate, we have 5 different books from the Pigeon series to give away. Each book is autographed by the author, Mo Willems, and will be a treasured addition to any child’s library. What do you have to do to win one? Comment on this blog post and tell us who the Pigeon reminds you of from your own life.

Details: Who does the Pigeon remind you of from your own life? Tell us by commenting on this blog post to enter to win 1 of 5 Pigeon books, signed by the author, Mo Willems. Enter by 11:59pm October 30, 2014. Giveaway open to US and Canada residents only. The 5 winners will be randomly selected and notified on October 31. Winners do not get to choose their prize.

Update: Thanks to all who entered the giveaway! The 5 winners have been randomly selected and notified via email.