Introducing Wall Panels. With designs by Neasden Control Centre.

Introducing new Wall Panels by BLIK. These oversized graphic panels are kind of like wallpaper but without the mess. Printed on our eco-friendly, fabric-based material, the panels are self-adhesive and do not require any sticky paste to install.

We're launching our first Wall Panels with nine designs by Neasden Control Center aka Stephen Smith, a UK based artist and illustrator. Three of the Wall Panels are popular Neasden Control Center (NCC for short) designs from his collection of home goods with BLIK: NCC Leaf, NCC Purple Leaf and NCC Blues.

The other six NCC designs are new - NCC B&W, NCC Blue Horizon, NCC Pink Mountain, NCC Sun, NCC Overlap and NCC See Saw - are all a colorful collage of pattern, shapes and scribbles.

Each Wall Panels set comes with three 36" x 96" panels, which covers 6 feet x 8 feet of wall space for a dramatic installation. The panels are peel and stick but they are long so the only thing you might need is a friend to help get them aligned on your wall.