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Doors are boring. Make yours fun!

Doors are boring. Make yours fun! Door decals X Blik Surface Graphics

Introducing "magical" door graphics! With these adorable door decals, you can make any door a mystical portal to fun. 6 illustrated characters - Mr. Hero, Miss Witchy, Mr. Awesome, Miss Kat, Mr. Entertainment, and Mr. Eager - will help guide you into the magical, creative world of Muxxi.

Magical Door Decals X Muxxi for Blik Surface GraphicsGuatemalan artist and illustrator, Muxxi, created each door graphic personality based on characters that appear in her artwork. Each character comes with a number of decals that you apply to any door and on the wall around the frame to assemble your favorite character.

Doors are boring. Make yours fun with Blik Surface Graphics

The door graphics work on any door size. Should any of the decals be wider or taller than your door area, you can trim to size.