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Difficulty: Dimensions: Various Pieces: 20




Watch out! Your cat might attack the wall.

What's Included

20 decals per package

  • 6 printed individual lily pads ranging from 7"x7" to 15"x27"
  • 2 printed dragon flies 12"x8" and 18"x12"
  • 2 printed koi with lily pads 30"x25" and 30.5"x16"
  • 4 printed individual koi ranging from 8"x20.5" to 11.5"x30"
  • 6 printed koi shadows ranging from 21"x7" to 30"x10"

Meet the Designer

Ilan Dei is an innovative and award-winning designer of products for people, from furniture and home furnishings to residential and commercial interiors. Ilan takes a holistic approach to design in a style that can best be described as a fusion of Japanese minimalism and mid-century California modern.

Based in Venice, CA, Ilan Dei has been inspired by his personal experiences with diverse traditions and cultures. His is a singular voice in the world of design in the spiriti of Isamu Noguchi, and blik is inspired to include his custom designs in our collection.

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