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Difficulty: Dimensions: Various Pieces: 20




Watch out! Your cat might attack this vinyl koi fish wall decal. Purchase these koi fish wall stickers and other vinyl wall decals from Blik for your home today.

What's Included

20 decals per package

  • 6 printed individual lily pads ranging from 7"x7" to 15"x27"
  • 2 printed dragon flies 12"x8" and 18"x12"
  • 2 printed koi with lily pads 30"x25" and 30.5"x16"
  • 4 printed individual koi ranging from 8"x20.5" to 11.5"x30"
  • 6 printed koi shadows ranging from 21"x7" to 30"x10"

Meet the Designer

Ilan Dei is an innovative and award-winning designer of products for people, from furniture and home furnishings to residential and commercial interiors. Ilan takes a holistic approach to design in a style that can best be described as a fusion of Japanese minimalism and mid-century California modern.

Based in Venice, CA, Ilan Dei has been inspired by his personal experiences with diverse traditions and cultures. His is a singular voice in the world of design in the spiriti of Isamu Noguchi, and blik is inspired to include his custom designs in our collection.

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