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Difficulty: Dimensions: Various Pieces: 18




Trees don't grow on walls! But they do here, with this charming design.

What's Included

18 decals per package

  • 9 various sized blossoms
  • 3 various sized birds
  • 4 various sized branches
  • 1 40" x 15" tree trunk bottom
  • 1 39" x 31" tree top
  • (Creates a pattern in an 8' x 8' space nicely.)

Meet the Designer

Artist Amy Ruppel (aka @my) was born and raised in the Kettle Moraine woods of Wisconsin near the Mammoth Ice Age Center. She drew plants and comics, dug up fossils and went for endless forest walks among all her forest friends, the birds being her favorite. Her love for nature and science led her to an art and illustration career, and to the Pacific Northwest. @my now works as an artist, illustrator and so-so gardener in beautiful & green Portland, Oregon.

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