Zoo Portraits: African Bush Elephant Calf

Difficulty: Dimensions: 25.5" x 28.5" Pieces: 1


Zoo Portraits by artist Yago Partal combine photography with fashion illustration where Partal's photos of animals are dressed up in human clothing, their dapper duds uncannily expressing each animal's unique personality. Which animal are you?

What's Included

1 decal

  • 1 25.5” x 28.5” printed decal

Meet the Designer

Zoo Portraits is a brand name that was born in 2013 based on a creative project developed by Yago Partal, a photographer and producer living in Barcelona city. Influenced by the animal kingdom, cartoons and fashion since he was a child, he found his voice in a game we all like to play: the humanization of animals. The project initially started as a marketing campaign to publicize photo books for models, actors and actresses. He made several portraits by mixing the animal world with elements of fashion in a collage, half photographic and half illustrative, that soon came to life itself as a separate project and its later consolidation as the brand Zoo Portraits. 

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