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Pinching Hand Hook Up

Difficulty: Dimensions: 15" x 7.5" Pieces: 1




Art Hook Ups are a new take on wall decor. An Art Hook Up cleverly combines a wall decal with a physical hook for holding hundreds of household objects. The artwork is intended to appear to be holding or flying off with the item placed on the hook creating a practical and humorous interaction between design and function.

Pinching Hand Hook Up comes with a hand pinching decal and a 1/2” hook tack that can hold jewelry, cables, sunglasses, hats, a calendar and other lightweight household objects. Use a stronger hook or nail to hold heavier items if needed.

Combine Pinching Hand Hook Up with Helping Hand Hook Up as shown in Image 2.

What's Included

1 decal per package

  • 1 15” x 7.5” printed vinyl decal
  • 1 1/2” hook tack

Meet the Designer

Annie How is a boutique product design firm based in Manhattan. The creatives design fun products, make the uncool cool, and think design shouldn't be so serious.
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