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Safe Signage

$95.00 - $120.00
Difficulty: Dimensions: Various Pieces: 13



BLIK offers social distancing solutions that help inform, remind, and delight. 

Safe Signage, a modular wall graphics package, reimagines traffic signs for the Covid-19 times. The set of self-adhesive decals includes 9 signs and 4 sign posts that you combine to create your own safety signs, or display signs without a post for a stand-alone message. These clever reminders will help guide you and others to stay on the road to prevention.

Choose your adhesive type: Standard decals adhere to smooth floor surfaces such as polished concrete. For textured surfaces such as a sidewalk, we offer an Aggressive adhesive to keep the decals in place. All decals are self-adhesive and laminated.

What's Included

2 decal sheets with 13 total decals per package

  • 9 signs decals, Sign decals include: “6ft” sign 21” x 31”; “Can’t Be Too Careful” sign 12” x 24”; “Wash/Don’t Wash” sign 8.5” x 24”; “Social Distance” sign 8” x 8”; “Mask Beyond Here” sign 8” x 8”; “6<3” sign 18.5” x 8”; “Ants>Humans” sign 12.5” x 16”; “2+4” sign 12.5” x 7”; and “Rattlesnake” sign 9” x 45”
  • 4 sign post decals, Includes 2 large posts each 70” x 2”; 1 medium post at 45” x 2”; and 1 small post at 23” x 2”