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Centipede ~ Re-Stik

Difficulty: Dimensions: Various Pieces: 97




Can you prevent a centipede attack before it reaches the bottom of the garden? Get ready to shoot 'em up.

All BLIK decals are removable, but Re-Stik decals are the only ones that are reusable. See the word 'Re-Stik' in a product name and you know you can apply and rearrange the decals numerous times. Keep the adhesive backing free of dust, fibers or dirt to extend the Re-Stik life span. You can even take Re-Stik decals with you when you move as long as you kept the original backing paper the decals came on.

This is an official Atari licensed product. Decal sheets not sold separately.

What's Included

97 movable decals per package

  • 24 4" centipede graphics printed on clear
  • 35 various sized mushrooms printed on clear
  • 36 various sized gameplay graphics printed on clear
  • 2 26" x 4" arcade console graphics