Mr. Awesome

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Mr Awesome


Doors are boring. Make yours fun! "Magical" door graphics turn any door into a friendly portal. With adorable characters created by Guatemalan artist, Muxxi, what lurks behind closed doors is actually fun!

Each Muxxi door graphic set comes with assorted decals that you apply to the door and around the frame to assemble the character. The door graphics work on any door size. If any of the decals are wider than your door, you can trim to size to make them fit.

What's Included

Mr. Awesome door decal set printed on white background.

  • 2 44.75” x 25” sheets of printed decals to arrange on door and around frame.

Meet the Designer

Born and based in Guatemala City, Muxxi’s unusual characters and creatures have given her a cult following around the world and global brands haven’t been immune to the charms of her work either. Her quirky images speak of freedom and expressiveness and when she’s creating an illo or an imaginary world, her aim is to spread joy to whoever sees it.