GOOGLE - 1215 Bordeaux

Sunnyvale, CA

Details Specifications

In collaboration with Google and HGA Architects, BLIK set out to celebrate the craft and creativity that goes into constructing the spaces we occupy every day. The design initiative kicked off by recalling the familiar quirks and visual components that comprise all stages of building something beautiful from the ground up. Borrowing tools and materials found everywhere from the drafting table to the construction site provided countless opportunities for fun, impactful and unexpected moments throughout the space. Standouts include the Tool Study, in which a vibrant cabinet of construction curiosities was meticulously nested, painted and wall-mounted to form a striking blue dimensional piece. The Honey Bucket is a visual illusion wherein a 4-foot wide construction site “port-a-potty” yields entry to a modern, spacious restroom of the same color. These installations and more allowed 1215 to cast a spotlight on the eclectic graphic appeal of the raw, the unfinished and the in-progress. Every building starts with an idea, a few rough sketches and a crucial set of tools, but in the case of 1215 Bordeaux those components will stay on display long after the doors open.

Photography ©Marco Zecchin / Image-Center