An Ode To The WIP

A newly finished work campus In Sunnyvale, California looks beyond the completed project in celebration of the process, with construction themed installations that recognize the craft and cunning behind the spaces we work, play and live in.

Finding The Beauty In The Incomplete

Setting out to design "attractively unfinnished" environments and graphics, Blik directed it's attention to the raw materiality that comprises our world's foundations, as well as the tools and ammenities we use to shape them.

In developing these graphics, mundane and often overlooked resources like tool sets, work-wear, and even patches of pristine emptiness became an untapped visual medium, rather than a simple means to an end.

Bespoke Signs With A Touch of DIY

When it came time to develop a signage convention, Blik sourced raw materials and employed a hybridized manufacturing process to generate a first for the studio - ADA-compliant handwritten signs.

In the spirit of celebrating quality crafts and the charm of personalization, Blik's in-house fabricators put their printed penmanship to the test in pursuit of a clean yet casual annotated style, alongside custom manufactured ADA-compliant braille and embossed lettering for a solution that balances style and substance.

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