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We're awesome people from all over the world who make mind-blowing art. Our process starts when a great idea is born in an artist's mind (that could be you, that could even be your grannie!). The artist submits their idea to our site, where our community of 1.5 million debates, discusses, and votes on that idea. If the idea gets a really good score, we make it into a tee, tote, hoody, or tube sock. (That last one isn't true...yet.) Then, as long as folks keeping buying that product, we keep rewarding that artist with loadsa money, prizes, and exposure. So people who buy from us support great artists and their great ideas. Neat, huh?

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Please Note ~ Re-Stik products cannot be custom colored.

Insomnia ~ Re-Stik

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep zzzzz...

$35.00 $23.00


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difficulty: cakewalk

Blik Wall Decal - Insomnia ~ Re-Stik One sheep, two sheep, three sheep zzzzz...

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