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As Seen In: The New York Times

As Seen In: The New York Times

Pick-up a copy of The New York Times today and flip to the Home section. Our new wall puzzles by A Modern Eden are featured in Currents. They love the interactivity of the puzzles and how they function as both a game for preschoolers as well as a decorative accent. Of course, we couldn’t agree more, but we think Scott sums up the draw of the puzzles best:

“Once you get it on your wall, it’s this beautiful thing. But at the same time, it requires some assembly, and you’re teaching your child about how things go together.”

As Seen In: The New York Times

Blik in Our Homes: Co-founder Scott Flora

As part of our extra special birthday month, we wanted to give you a glimpse into our homes. Every other month, we’ll take you on a tour through a home of one of the Blik founders or staffers. The first stop on our journey is the crib of Blik’s co-founder Scott Flora. While many of the walls in Scott’s house have Blik graphics, we present to you three distinct rooms.

In his living room, we see Hybrid Design’s “Heart Breakout” in a delicious cotton candy hue. The striking David Bray graphic “I Never Saw the Sign” is prominently featured on the back wall with a glimpse of “Anise” on the far right peeking in from another room.

His daughter Aja’s room is bright and cheery with “Flutter” decals by Christy Flora. In the midst of the butterflies, lies Christy Flora’s original handmade paper butterfly box.

Lastly, one can gaze into the large “Fernwood Mirror” in Scott’s guest bathroom. It adds a perfect touch of elegance and boldness to the space.

If there’s one thing you can learn from Scott’s home, it is you can never have too much Blik. We’ll be back in November with another chapter of Blik in our homes. Stay tuned!

Blik in Our Homes: Co founder Scott Flora“Heart Breakout” (left)  “I Never Saw the Sign” (middle) “Anise” (right)

Blik in Our Homes: Co founder Scott Flora“Flutter” Re-Stik                                             “Fernwood Mirror”

Blik in Our Homes: Co founder Scott Flora“Invisible Robot”

DailyCandy Kids Deal: $40 of Blik graphics for $24

DailyCandy Kids Deal: $40 of Blik graphics for $24

Did you see it? Yesterday, Blik was launched as the first DailyCandy Kids Deal.

The Offer: $40 worth of wall graphics for $24. Holy moly! That’s 40% off!

The Reason (as if you needed a reason to buy Blik…): Take Daily Candy’s advice and punch up your walls with a vibrant splash of color by giving them the decorating equivalent of a double shot of espresso.

Need help on deciding what Blik decals to order? Check out some of DailyCandy’s favorites: Animals Alphabetized, Branches, Dancers, Sock Monkey Just Wants a Friend, The Trip, Wee Gallery Woodlands and the Olivia Headboard.

Now: Head over to DailyCandy Deals to see the deal and buy it!



Spotted in the newest issue of Easy Decorating is our Nessa headboard. It’s included in their list of eight noteworthy decorating innovations that make decorating easier, faster and more affordable. Sounds like a perfect checklist for the benefits of decorating with Blik!

The magazine (a Woman’s Day special issue) is on newsstands until July 25, so you’ve got time to pick it up and peruse. The issue also includes a list of favorite things from home design bloggers at Apartment Therapy, decor8, Remodelista and designsponge. We’ve already picked out some of their recommended items to order for ourselves!

As Seen In: InStyle, April 2011

As Seen In: InStyle, April 2011

We’ve been waiting patiently for the mailman to come and drop off the April issue of InStyle. Sadly, it’s still not here. If you’ve gotten your copy already, you’ll see the magazine mentions oversized circles being available at Blik. The overzied circles are part of the color package story where the design-savvy editors give readers tips on how to use color in unexpected ways around their home.

The story recommends Blik as a resource for custom circle decals with prices starting at $40 for a 3′ circle, but the circles can be customized to your specifications.

Color Choices: Color choices are here. Custom coloring is also available for an additional $50.

To Order: Orders must be placed with Customer Service. Please call 866.262.BLIK (2545) x1 to order. Sorry, since these are custom circles, orders can’t be placed online.

As Seen In: InStyle, April 2011

Street Artist Moves Indoors: Blik welcomes SAN

Street Artist Moves Indoors: Blik welcomes SAN

Put out the welcome mat, the renowned Spanish street artist SAN is tangled up with Blik. SAN has taken his work indoors and designed a piece specifically for Blik —  with your walls in mind. He makes light of the fact that the graphic is self-adhesive by adding nails and string to “attach” the design to the wall.

Titled “ A Host of Fetishes” the decal is a jumbled and chaotic collection of various objects from a compass, bird skull, broken clock, spindle wheel to dice and plenty of nails to go with it.

To see SAN’s past work, including amazing street art installations, visit

As Seen In: Facebook’s Headquarters

As Seen In: Facebooks HeadquartersOn Monday, published an article on Facebook’s security team. We’re sure the article was interesting and all, but we couldn’t get past the image of the security team sitting in their conference room. Whose got the backs of the Facebook security team, keeping them safe from dark forces? None other than Super Mario Bros by Blik. Who else?!

As Seen In: Babble & Ohdeedoh

As you know, we love Threadless and our Threadless for Blik wall graphics. So, it’s always nice to see others love them as much as we do. The graphics have gotten two big shout-outs this week from Babble’s Family Style blog and Apartment Therapy’s Ohdeedoh. Two of our go-to sites for nursery and kid’s room design ideas.

Dress Your Walls in Threadless Designs (Babble)

We think the writer says it best: “Well Blik teamed up with Threadless to create the most unique, the most artistic, the most unbelievably cool wall decals ever.”

As Seen In: Babble & Ohdeedoh

As Seen In: Babble & Ohdeedoh

Maeve Rosalind’s After the Rain Room (Ohdeedoh)

Alphabet Zoo is featured over Miss Maeve’s changing table. Right below the chalkboard painted wall featuring clever instructions on changing a baby. So easy, any new dad could do it!

As Seen In: Babble & OhdeedohAs Seen In: Babble & Ohdeedoh

As Seen In: The New York Times

As Seen In: The New York Times

Pick up a copy of The New York Times Home section* today and take a look at page D7. See someone familiar? Yep, it’s us! Our friend, architect Barbara Bestor is profiled in the paper’s “Shopping With” column. In the column, Barbara peruses wall covering options from wallpaper to wall decals. At Blik, Barbara selected Asteroids and the Wrought Iron Headboard as her favorites. According to her: “The advantage of a decal is that you get to really individualize your environment with about as much effort as putting a poster on the wall.”

We could not have said it better ourselves. Congrats to Barbara on the great article and thanks for the Blik mention!

*To read the full article and see the interactive slide show, you might have to create a NY Times account. We promise that it’s worth it!

As Seen In: Us Weekly

As Seen In: Us WeeklyAs Seen In: Us Weekly

We don’t usually name drop, but did you know that Ryan Kwanten of True Blood is a fan of Blik?

This week’s Us Weekly mentioned that Ryan had our fabulous Olive Tree wall graphic. We don’t mean to quibble, but Ryan actually has our Cyclamen and Spiderweb graphics, not Olive Tree.

We do agree with Us that Blik is a great way to decorate your digs instantly and liven up your space. Plus, Olive Tree is a fun way to bring nature indoors without having to remember to water daily  — something we always forget. Our suggestion? Get both Cyclamen and Olive Tree and forget that it’s cold outside (or raining if you live in California!)

As Seen In: Us Weekly

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