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This is the story of Blik, the world’s first removable wall graphic company. But
before Blik became the internationally acclaimed design company it is
today, it started in 2002 as just two people looking for something different.

One night while Scott Flora, an architect extraordinaire, and food writer
Jerinne Neils, were debating whether to paint or wallpaper their walls, they
realized that neither option was really what they wanted. The problem was,
what they did want didn’t exist. In addition to that, they quickly discovered that
there were very few alternatives to this whole paint/wallpaper conundrum.

Looking to end the tyranny of limited options, they decided to do something
about it. And that something was Blik. Soon, the oppression was lifted, and
people were liberated to try something unique, different, and a lot less
permanent. Welcome to the newly renovated world of Blik.

*Blik is one of Entrepreneur magazine’s Annual 100 Brilliant Ideas in June 2010.

**Along with Apple, Pixar, Google, Nike, and others Blik was a participant in the 2006 National Design Triennial at the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

***Blik is a 2004 recipient of the Product Design Distinction Award for Furniture from the I.D. Design Annual.

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