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Hit the Lights! New Carnovsky graphics & Giveaway

Hit the Lights! New Carnovsky graphics & Giveaway

Carnovsky, the Italian masters of artworks that change under red, blue or green lights, is back at Blik with 10 new designs for our lines of Pattern Wall Tiles and Surface Skins. Each graphic is created by overlapping three different images, each one in a primary color. The result is an entwined mash-up of flowers, plants, sea creatures, landscapes and mammals with the different layers being revealed when viewed in red, green or blue light. Included with each Carnovsky graphic is a set of 3 RGB glasses so you can see what’s hidden.

Hit the Lights! New Carnovsky graphics & Giveaway

Choose from 3 new Carnovsky Pattern Wall Tiles designs: Damasco N. 2Damasco N. 4 or Damasco N. 5. Eco-friendly and easy to install, Pattern Wall Tiles are a perfect way to bring a burst of pattern into a room as an accent over a bed, on an interior door or to frame a small section of the wall.

With Carnovsky Surface Skins, bring graphic goodness to your desks, tabletops, dressers, cabinets or bookshelves. There are four stunning designs for round tabletops: Rosone Mare N. 1, Rosone Mare N. 2, Rosone Jungla N. 1 and Rosone Jungla N. 2.

Hit the Lights! New Carnovsky graphics & Giveaway

If your desk or tabletop is rectangular, or if you want to dress up a dresser or cabinet, Animalia N. 1, Animalia N. 2 or Landscape will be a good fit.

Hit the Lights! New Carnovsky graphics & Giveaway

With these graphics, you can decorate your walls or surfaces to dramatic effect. So hit the lights and enjoy the show!

Giveaway: To celebrate the launch of these new Carnovsky graphics, we’re giving away 3 sets of their Pattern Wall Tiles. Enter to win one by commenting on this blog post and telling us which one is your favorite: Damasco N. 2, Damasco N. 4 or Damasco N. 5. We’ll randomly select 3 winners who will win their Carnovsky Pattern Wall Tiles set of their choice.

Details: Enter the giveaway by 11:59pm Pacific time on August 14, 2014. Giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only. The 3 winners will be randomly selected and notified on August 15. Winners get to pick the Carnovsky Pattern Wall Tiles set of their choice as their prize.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who entered our giveaway. The 3 winners have been randomly chosen and notified via email. Congrats to Hannah, Russ and Susie.

91 Responses

  1. Kim Caplan

    The rosone collection is amazing! I don’t have a round tabletop, but think it could look good as a wall patern in the right dimensions. Love it

  2. Dimon

    Though the other two are great as well, I definitely prefer Damasco N. 4.

  3. kurt kidder

    Damasco N. 2

  4. hannah

    Damasco N. 4 definitely.
    The spiky pattern feels reminiscent of a traditional pineapple print which contradicts the modernity beautifully, but moreso than N. 5, N. 4 offers more overlay with less negative space/contrast and more turqoise/even tones which is easier on the eyes. Beautiful. N. 4 could be incorporated into a more traditional design as an unexpected punch, whereas the others might feel out of place.

  5. Celeste

    Damasco N. 2

  6. mackenzie

    Damasco n.4

  7. Garry Hannah

    The Damasco N.2 is just awesome. I could spend all day staring at it discovering new hidden images amongst its madness.

  8. Ang

    Damasco N.5

  9. Juiana

    Damasco N. 4.

  10. Tanya

    Loving Damasco N.4!

  11. Kiri

    Damasco N2 all the way, just what the wall about my living room fireplaceneeds to make it less boring.

  12. Christina

    Damasco N5 is my fav!

  13. Brianna

    Damasco N. 4 looks like psycho space pineapples. LOVE IT!

  14. Nikki6

    I think I need to buy a round table just to put Carnovsky on it! Sweet Damasco N. 4 is my fav.

  15. Erin Cataldi

    Damasco N5 is calling my name. That would look fantastic in my bar area. Or really anywhere. How fun!

  16. Timmy

    N.5. Curious to see it with glasses!

  17. Naomi Laskey

    Love the colors in Damasco N. 4! Brilliant

  18. Gary

    Damasco N.4 (although loving the skins for the round tables too)!

  19. Glenn Thomas

    Dazzling! Especially like Damasco N. 5.

  20. Sarah

    Damasco 2 looooove!!!! This would be perfect in my office.

  21. Nancy

    love both of the Rosone Jungla patterns…and the idea of using glasses to change it out…awesome!

  22. Sheilah

    Damasco N. 2!

  23. Rachel

    Tough choice, but I’ll go with #5

  24. Gerald

    they’re all cool, but N. 2 is my favorite!

  25. Tam

    all 3 are so fun! I think Damasco N. 5. for me though :)

  26. Tracy

    Damasco N. 4 is my favorite!

  27. Tiffiny

    Damasco N. 2 for realz!!!

  28. Katherine Lamb

    Love love love DAMASCO N. 5

  29. Sabrina Rehnke

    I prefer Damasco No. 5 over the other two, and those colors would work well in my current decor.

  30. Cody

    Damasco N.4 is by far my favorite. The blue tint matches my apartment’s color scheme.

  31. Russ

    Damasco N. 5 is great!

    Why isn’t there a 1 or 3? hmmm….

  32. Kate O.

    Damasco No. 5 is incredible!

  33. Laure

    I love all of these, however if I have to choose just one it is the Rosone Jungla N. 2. The color is great and I like the round shape that could even go on a wall!

  34. Martha Cla

    I like No. 4, the colors are cheerful!

  35. Kathy

    I love them all. If I had to pick, I’d say Damasco N. 4

  36. Tamara Arment

    Damasco N. 2 Is the choice that fits my lifestyle!

  37. Michael S. Copeland

    DAMASCO N. 2 would look amazing at the Elgin Technology Center. We’re the premier coworking space in the Chicago Suburbs.

  38. Homer L

    I really like Damasco N#2, awesome patterns with 3D glasses I bet!! Thanks, Blik!!

  39. rose beyer

    Damasco N. 5 is really clean looking- I want it in my bathroom!!!

  40. teresa b.

    These are awesome. I think I Iike the Damasco N. 4.

  41. Amanda

    I really like the Rosone Jungla N. 1. I have a round table that this would be perfect for.

  42. Linda P

    Damasco N. 2

  43. Frances

    DAMASCO N. 5!

  44. mariane

    no. 2

  45. Brian LeMoine

    I Love all of them, but with having a round Pub table in my Bright Orange Family room that needs new life added to it I would have to choose ROSONE JUNGLA N. 2 (any of the round patterns would work wonderfully, this one the colors just POP when I would think of it in an Orange room… My wife and 4 kids would Love it !!

  46. Charlie Magocs

    Damasco N.2

  47. Dillon

    They are all badass, but Damasco N. 2 is definitely my pick, best contrast. These would look awesome under a color-controlled LED bulb! Wouldn’t even need the glasses.


  48. louise boncher

    and the winner is…..DAMASCO #2!!!! although they’re all cool!

  49. Susan Chaves

    Damasco N. 2 is crazy good! All those creatures!

  50. Mike p.

    Damasco N.2

  51. Jani Nygaard

    At first I was all about the N.2 because I love the dark background and the pattern seems more vibrant, but upon closer examination, N.5 is where it’s at. I love it!

  52. Eric Vaughan

    I love the Damasco N. 2 design! Could definitely do some fun things with that.

  53. Sylvia

    Damasco N. 2 is easily my favorite, although they are all nice. I love that LIZARD!

  54. Nichole

    Damasco No. 4 is beautiful. Thank you!

  55. Sonya

    DAMASCO N. 2 would look great in my room.

  56. Maria

    I really like DAMASCO N. 4 and DAMASCO N. 5 but I think I like the 4 just a tiny bit more.

  57. Jessica Reusze

    I love Damasco N. 4! It reminds me of the ocean.

  58. Susie Sebastian

    Love all of them, but if I had to choose one – Damasco N. 5!


    The Techo-color shades make all these designs just POP..!!! I’m sure under great LED lighting the all the pieces will come to life…

    My pick would be the Damasco N. 2..!!!!

  60. Paula

    Damasco N 4, my fave

  61. Peggy Ann Butterworth

    I like the DAMASCO N. 5 on the round table. Very cool.

  62. Sharlan Proper

    I like Carnovsky’s Damasco N.5.
    It’s clean and crisp, uncluttered, and easily welcomed in a professional setting. With the new arrangement of our office space, Carnovsky’s Damasco N.5 will be a great addition to my office space/gallery.

  63. Kalie

    After much deliberation, I’ve decided I like damasco no. 2 the best!

  64. Sarah

    Damasco N. 2 <3

  65. LillyFlower

    I’m loving N2 and N5 equally. N5 is more subtle as N2 is just a crazy amazing pop of color. I hope I win! Money is tight being a full time college student but I’d be pumped to add some color to my plin white walls :)

  66. Joce

    Damasco #2

  67. Charli

    Damasco N.5

  68. Marilou

    Wow, tough choice! They’re all awesome. #5 would match more of what’s in our home, but I love the out-loud color and intensity of #2. That really grabbed me right away. But ultimately I chose # 4 as my favorite because turquoise is my favorite color and the colors with it on that panel really go well together. I just love Blik products and I could fill up my home with the Carnovsky collection alone.

  69. Bryan Palmer

    I like Damasco no. 2, because it kind of reminds me of the hypnotoad

  70. LF Gibson Damasco N. 5 would do amazibg things for a wall in my kitchen!

  71. sheo

    Damasco No. 4 has a tendency towards a higher vibrations level. One could lose time easily daring into the many levels of color come shapes that can create depictions based on ones emotional and physical state which varies everytime one ponders the beauty and mystic of this creation.

  72. EK

    I like the Damasco No. 2.

  73. Diane T

    Damasco No 2 is also my fav. Wish I could see them with the glasses.

  74. Larisa

    Damascus no. 2. Fabulous.

  75. mary

    These are so fun and trippy! Damasco N.4 is definitely my favorite because it gives off a slight tropical vibe in the pattern to me. Would be really cool to win,I just moved into a new place with blank walls, heres to hoping!

  76. Karen Askerlund- LeMoine

    I LOVE all of the round ones… I really could one for my table make over … I had a brand new round table when my 4 kids were young , they did quite a number on the top and it needs a makeover … If I had to choose I guess I would pick ROSONE MARE N. 1 , but Any of the round ones in these designs would be Amazing !

  77. Laurinda

    OOO- definitely Number 5! So gorgeous!!

  78. Kathryn

    Number 5, baby.

  79. Mark

    yowza, DAMASCO N. 5 is phenomenal! so pretty!

  80. Nina

    Damasco N. 2, my LED Lifx bulb would complement this SO WELL!!! Fingers crossed!

  81. Charlene

    AMAZING!!! Would work prefect in my Salon …..Damascus No.2 Love

  82. Amy

    Damasco N. 4 please!

  83. Kathi Taylor

    LOVE them all. In fact I bookmarked the page to come back and peruse the selection later. Damasco 4 is utterly divine

  84. Melanie Plum

    Damasco N. 2 is my fave!

  85. Deb King

    Damasco N.2 is great!


    Damasco N. 5

  87. Marvie

    Damasco N. 2 Most Definitely. GIVE IT HERE!

  88. amy

    these are amazing, i like DAMASCO N. 5

  89. Melanie

    Love no. 2
    Very clever designs and it would so brighten up my 7 year olds bedroom, I’d be the coolest mum ever.

  90. Kitty

    All are wonderful — but number 2 is my favorite.

  91. Justine

    Damasco N. 2 is absolutely stunning and by far my favorite.

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