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The next level in wall decals: Nintendo Power-Ups!

The next level in wall decals: Nintendo Power Ups!Introducing new Nintendo Power-Ups X Blik! Power-Ups are add-on decals that are extra benefits for your walls. Sold separately, you can mix-and-match the individual graphics to create scenes or pair them with existing Nintendo X Blik decal sets. Today we’re launching Power-Ups for Super Mario Bros. This collection consists of 24 add-on decals that match our Super Mario Bros Re-Stik set.

The next level in wall decals: Nintendo Power Ups!

Featuring Super Mario Bros favorites like Princess Peach, Bowser and Fire Mario, each Power-Ups decal is sold separately and printed on demand. Pair any of the Power-Ups with Super Mario Bros Re-Stik or mix-and-match the individual graphics to customize your own video game themed decor. Create epic battles like Fire Mario vs Lakitu or defeat Bowser to save Princess Peach. And Power-Ups are movable so you can change the “game” at any time. Score!

The next level in wall decals: Nintendo Power Ups!

The next level in wall decals: Nintendo Power Ups!Giveaway! To celebrate the launch of Power-Ups we’re giving away 5 discount codes* for $25 off your purchase of Nintendo Power-Ups X Blik decals. For your chance to win one of these unique codes, comment on this blog post TODAY and tell us what is your favorite video game power-up of all time.

Free Shipping! As an extra bonus, today through Sunday, July 13, we’ve waiving our $75 minimum order for free US Ground shipping and are offering free US Ground shipping on all US online orders. That’s right, no minimum order required.

The next level in wall decals: Nintendo Power Ups!

*Details: Comment on this blog post and tell us your favorite video game power-up of all time to enter to win 1 of 5 Nintendo Power-Ups discount codes. Comment by 11:59pm Pacific time TODAY July 10, 2014. 5 winners will be randomly selected and notified via email on July 11. Discount code will take $25 off the purchase of Nintendo Power-Ups X Blik decals. Discount valid only toward the purchase of Power-Ups and can be applied to only 1 purchase. Discount does not apply to shipping, gift certificates or other Blik wall graphics. Discount codes expires December 31, 2014. Discount can’t be combined with any other other, deal or discount code. 

UPDATE: Congrats to our 5 lucky winners: Louise, Tracy, Claire, Will and Anna. The winners have been notified via email today, July 11.

The next level in wall decals: Nintendo Power Ups!

The next level in wall decals: Nintendo Power Ups!

28 Responses

  1. Kim

    Favorite power-up of all time is hard. So, sticking with the classic Mario theme, my favorite’s probably the P-wing from Super Mario 3. Flying was always the coolest thing to me, so an entire level of constant flying was just epic! :) In the new game, the cat suit is the best.

  2. Kristin Ohh™

    My favourite power-up would have to be the tanooki suit in Mario. It’s really useful.

  3. Jacen Spector

    It may be just me, but when I used handwritten instructions to find the hadouken in Mega Man X for the SNES was like I transcended time and space to connect parallel worlds.

  4. Deborah Butler

    My son is Mario Obsessed right now, and I’d have to say that the Fire Flower is his all-time favorite!

  5. Amanda

    Favorite power up of all time IS hard, but I’d say my favorites are the Super Star (all power and speed? c’mon) and red shells in MK because you still get them when you’re keeping 1st place and they’re the best defense.

  6. Carissa

    The Star from Mario! Love the music!

  7. Brandon

    The Kuribo/Goomba shoe in Mario 3 remains one of the coolest power-ups ever.

    They sort of brought in back in the newest Wii U game, as the ice skate!

  8. Scott

    The fire flower power up! Because it’s a great way to get even for all those deaths I had!

  9. Will

    The cape from Super Mario World was always the best! I was so proud of my young self when I was finally able to figure out how to make him keep going and going and going across a whole map.

  10. Kayla

    Fire power!

  11. david Bellemare

    The best power-up, is the cape in super mario bros 3 :) !!!

  12. Tracy

    Favorite power up is Winged Yoshi. Flying Yoshi? Yes, please!

  13. Brian

    The feather from Super Mario World is hands down the best power up!

  14. Claire Harney

    My favorite is the Tanooki suit from Mario 3. The first time I saw it my mind was blown! Mario Bro. games are so fun!!!

  15. Brandon Thomas

    The cape from Super Mario World, no question. Accept no substitutes.

  16. Lauren Magnee

    I was going to say the Tanooki suit, but the frog suit isn’t getting any love.

  17. Anna

    Got to say the shroom has gotta be the best power up of all time!

  18. Veronica

    Lakitu was my least favorite enemy because he kept you on your toes. Curse you Spinies!

  19. Brandon Faulkner

    Favorite classic power up off all time in classic Mario would be the frog suit in SMB3, but it’s a toss up of that one, or the boot, or Tanooki suit when you turn into a statue!

  20. Micki

    The (super) star from Mario!

  21. louise boncher

    Old School!! SUPER LUIGI!!!!

  22. Matt Sly


  23. Tahnee Lee

    Tanooki suit, for sure! :)

  24. Matty Lee

    Best power-up? The Fire Flower!!

  25. Julie

    Flying Yoshi is the best.

  26. Hung

    I liked the giant shoe from Mario 3 the best because I think it was only in like one stage. Rarity!

  27. Mike

    My favorite Mario power up is the skull mushroom from the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2 – it appears right at the start where you expect the growth mushroom to be but instead, when you touch it, it kills you instantly. It’s the first sign that this Mario game is going to break you.

  28. scott yates

    Bullet Bill from Mario Kart is my favorite, I wouldn’t even mind a tattoo of him.

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