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New Surface Skins Designed by Rex Ray

New Surface Skins Designed by Rex RayWe’re excited to introduce new Surface Skins by artist Rex Ray + a Giveaway! Intrigued by our Surface Skins and the idea of bringing graphic goodness to humdrum furnishings, artist Rex Ray created 4 designs for his line of graphics at Blik: Wonky, Mirrors & Tears, Patch and Ellipse. Surface Skins are durable, self-adhesive art prints that allow you to personalize any large surface in your home or office such as a desk, table, cabinet or bookshelf.

Rex Ray is known for his collages of pattern, color and shapes and he puts his own spin on his Surface Skins designs. Each is a colorful collage of ellipses, splotches, and some have cut outs. Rex specifically wanted real cut outs in two of his Surface Skin designs so that the original furnishing’s material shows through the cut outs and adds it’s own texture, pattern or color to the design. Because of this, we recommend adding a glass top over Wonky and Ellipse Surface Skins so the skin and your furnishing don’t get damaged by a spilt drink.

New Surface Skins Designed by Rex Ray

GIVEAWAY: We love these new Surface Skins by Rex Ray and are giving away 4 of them. If you were to win one, what surface would you put your Rex Ray Surface Skin on? (Remember, Surface Skins aren’t for walls but for finished furnishings like desks, tabletops, cabinets, dressers, etc.) To enter the giveaway, tell us your answer by commenting on this blog post. Four lucky winners will be randomly selected and notified on April 14.

New Surface Skins Designed by Rex Ray

New Surface Skins Designed by Rex Ray

Giveaway Details: We’re giving away 4 Rex Ray Surface Skins. Tell us what surface you would put a Rex Ray Surface Skin by commenting on this blog post. Enter by 11:59pm PST on April 13, 2014. The four winners will be randomly chosen and notified on Monday, April 14, 2014. Winners get to choose their Rex Ray Surface Skin of choice: Wonky, Patch, Ellipse or Mirror & Tears. 

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! Congrats to the winners: Marcy, Zack, Jess A, and Megan. Winners have been notified via email on April 14.

114 Responses

  1. kelli

    I would put it on my daughter’s desk. We couldn’t afford a new one for her new room… so this would totally improve the used one she is using. She’s 9 and would be soooo excited! Love BLIK!

  2. Rita A

    I would love to spruce up a dresser! Love the designs!

  3. tanya

    Perfect for storage shelves in the play room! Would add so much color and character to this fun space.

  4. Diana

    I think my kitchen cabinets would get a makeover pronto!

  5. Kerry

    I’d use it on my craft table to put a pop of color in my home office. I love this idea!

  6. Will

    On my coffee table so we can cover up the hideous blue color that it is. We could have guests!

  7. Beth S

    Either our boring Ikea computer desk or the storage cube in my college age son’s room. Glad to see new surface skin designs.

  8. Sergei Itomlenskis

    On the front counter in a gallery I hope to be opening soon! Let that Mirror & Tears funk shine on!

  9. Jessica R

    I would redo the black drawers on my dresser!

  10. Shana L

    I would put it on several places…the wood stand I made next to our bed. And the table top I put over the dog kennel to make it look less like a dog kennel. It’s kind of boring now, so I would spray paint the metal kennel and then add the blik to the table top on top of the kennel. Rather than trying to make it just functional, it would now be a piece of fun art.

  11. Shana L

    I would put it on several places…the wood stand I made next to our bed. And the table top I put over the dog kennel to make it look less like a dog kennel. It’s kind of boring now, so I would spray paint the metal kennel and then add the blik to the table top on top of the kennel. Rather than trying to make it just functional, it would now be a piece of fun art. I LOVE this new design! I LOVE the new design!

  12. Johnny Vinton

    I have a funky kitchen and would love to do my fridge with a skin!!!

  13. Liz D

    I would put it on my coffee table. The top could use a redesign and one of these skins would match the 1950s theme I have going on in my living room.

  14. Laura Heyenga

    These are wonderful! We would put it on the outside of our son’s door. He is almost 4 and the bright color and whimsical patterns would be an appropriate welcome into his room and his imagination. He would be giddy with excitement!

  15. Alejandro

    I have a plain room divider that could be funked up!!!
    I dig the fridge idea as well.
    Great products, Blik!
    Color up my life!!!!

  16. Shell

    My art table!

  17. shelley luster

    I want to put a surface skin on an aquarium stand. Because it has a laminate surface, it won’t accept paint well. A surface skin is going to make it a show piece instead of a mistake purchase.

  18. MJS

    My daughter has trashed our Eames dining table with pen, pencil, and scissors marks (oh that darn homework) — this is a job for a Rex Ray surface skin!

  19. Emily

    I would totally put them on my tables in my classroom and poly over them – make it the table that students rotate in and out of each week…

  20. Diana B

    The desk in my office at work. Gray walls, blah carpet, steel cabinets–these skins would be wonderful on the desk.

  21. Tiffiny

    I love the visual of these on a desk or a table. I am in the process of finding new funky ways to use older furniture for adults with disabilities to be inspired by and these would do the trick on the lunch or work tables!

  22. minnie

    we just moved to new apt and tight with budget. this will be perfect to add life and color to the plain room. either decorate the desk, working table, or blank wall behind sofa/ tv stand. hope I am the lucky winner.

  23. Frances

    My refrigerator!

  24. Patricia

    I would put it on an antique sofa table that I have.

  25. Krista

    I live in a studio apartment with cream walls and beige carpeting. Where WOULDN’T I put this? I’d love to have it for my desk, for my bookcases, anywhere to put some life into my home.

  26. Jess A

    On our desk! Our daughter started walking last week so she can finally just peek over the top. It would be wonderful to give her something beautiful to look at as she keeps getting a different perspective. These are amazing!

  27. Marcy

    Very cool! I would put it on my kids dresser.

  28. Michele

    It would def go on my bar to make cocktail time even more fun!

  29. Tracy L

    I would put the skin on my bedroom dresser. It is my dad’s dresser from when he was a kid and it is quite sturdy, but needs an updated look. I think the color/design pop would spice up my bedroom too!

  30. Stacy

    I want to put it in the panels of my 5-panel doors

  31. Christine

    I love these decals! We are moving soon, would love to use these to decorate our new office space – wall hangings/filing cabinets! Also would love to use it in our mudroom!

  32. Brian

    I would LOVE to put this on our dinner table, it is old and sad looking , but where we spend our family time not only for meals but for games and cards. my 4 kids would be so excited if our old table was brought back to life

  33. Tanya

    I’d love to it put it on my desk in my apartment. Looks so sick and would make the best topic of conversation when I have people over! :D

  34. Christina Hanson

    I have a coffee table that would look amazing with a new skin! Blik is awesome! Thanks!

  35. sara

    a table for my little one to play on and with, what games we could have racing cars and toys around these designs

  36. Natalie

    I would put one of these sick skins onto our wood patio table to brighten up our backyard.

  37. Erin

    Love the Wonky skin! It would be perfect on my boring Ikea desk.

  38. Meng

    I would love to put one of these skins on my headboard! It would add an exciting punch to my room! I love the colors.

  39. Jennifer

    I’d live this for the dresser in our babies nursery!!

  40. Roland Williams Jr

    I would put the Surface Skins on the headboard that I’m currently creating, to add some splash of color to the bedroom!

  41. Mandee P

    I would put it on the top of a vintage credenza that I am giving a makeover :)

  42. Roberta Russell

    I would put it on my garden table!

  43. shawn

    our lab is so dull even our microscopes are bored to tears. I’d put that patch design over the lab bench so our research would be a little more awesome.

  44. Daniela Gomez

    I would spruce up my childhood desk. It needs a make over!

  45. Georgia Browne

    Nice stuff. I would put it onto my office table where I do most of my computer work so that it would be cheerful and happy and fun to look at when I do my tedious work. It’s just plain plain white now and I need a jolt when I approach my office table.

  46. Emily C.

    I would put one of these designs on my dresser in my bedroom. I just recently moved home and my room does not feel my own and could really use some type of unique touch and definitely some color!

  47. Crystal H

    Ellipse Surface Skin will be perfect for re-purposing our kitchen table for our daughter.

  48. Shirley Westerveld

    I would so put this on our dining table. It is desperate need of refinishing and this would be amazing in our already colorful funky kitchen. If I was lucky to have a piece left over piece I would do end tables in our front room. These r so cool, truly gorgeous !

  49. cassandra mccann

    I would try this on my kitchen floor

  50. Jeanette Ormsby

    I would put it on a built-in desk in my guest room. It will be the Killer piece that this all-neutral room has been waiting for!

  51. Lisa G

    I would resurface my father’s childhood oak desk to update for my 5th grade daughter. How cool it would be to have her Poppa’s desk from the 1940′s become transformed into the most amazing and modern 2014 masterpiece!

  52. Rudy N

    I would put this on my dining table.
    This will be a cool design and be an ice breaker discussion for friends and visitors who see this first hand!

  53. Amanda

    I would definitely use it on a flat pocket door to our attic space!

  54. Diane T

    I have a 15 year old Ikea headboard that needs a major reno. Will have to buy new bedding to go with!

  55. Alexis Claire Trono

    I would use it to snazz up my Ikea Alex drawers! :)

  56. Zack

    It would go on my 7-year old’s art table.

  57. Naomi

    I have this funky antique trunk with rounded wooden bands that would be perfect! Also a wooden bench made from a salvaged white wooden antique door- looking for contrast to make it stand out.

  58. Kimberly

    My bedroom furniture is white.I would put these on the dressers and nightstand tops for a pop of color.

  59. Mack

    I’ve got some Ikea furnishings that could use a splash of color (desk or book case).

  60. Tara

    I have a beautiful fake wood-grain metal Steelcase desk that is just itching for a new top!

  61. Cathie

    I’d love to see these on our vanilla kitchen island.
    Any leftovers would look wonderful on open kitchen shelving.

    Thanks for the chance to dream a little!

  62. Nancy

    Would love one of the skins…would use one on my fridge, or on my pantry door, or on a table top, or… or… or… so many possibilities!

  63. Gail

    Our little house is devoid of personality and to walk into my kitchen and see the fridge or cabinets covered in Blik would be da bomb! Just what we need. I like happy!

  64. Shawn Parrotte

    My girlfriend and I are going to be traveling cross country in a camper. Space is tight and having one of these skins on our counter top would really brighten up the camper!

  65. Vlad

    We just moved into a new apartment, and our Ikea desk got a little damaged during the move. It’s not bad, but it definitely doesn’t look good. A Surface Skin would fix the problem and make it look better than new!

  66. Nancy F

    I’d love to give some color to my file cabinet and desktop…it would make it so much more fun to come to work each morning!

  67. Sylvia

    These new skins are great! I was literally looking at the blik site the other day window shopping for surface skins. We picked up a fantastic old table at a thrift store for our little apartment. The surface is a bit worn, but it has treated us well and made effective use of what little space we have in our apartment. However, the worn finish has become an issue recently since our daughter has begun joining us at the table in her high chair. She loves to make messes with food, and to bang spoons on that poor table. I would love to improve the look and durability of the table with a surface skin!

  68. Sharon W.

    On a modern but somewhat blah desk that needs color.

  69. Nina

    We have an old Singer sewing machine table (you know, the kind that has the sewing machine in the hidden compartment?) that my husband refinished a while ago. Totally begging to be jazzed up…I think that a Surface Skin would be just the thing!

  70. Shelley Hunter

    I have the perfect table- right now it’s just a laundry table – but soon it will be my favorite table!

  71. Amy

    My bedroom door :)

  72. nancy

    Our old and uninspiring dresser.

  73. keren

    we have a giant white box / storage cabinet in the kids room that would look amazing in Patch! these are beautiful.

  74. Annmignon Terranova

    I have a small old cabinet that is crying out for Rex Ray rather loudly. Listen, there it goes again. Maybe, the problem is me if I can hear that. No, it needs Rex Ray.

  75. Tia


  76. jackie

    the top of my dresser!

  77. Kathie

    I have a rather boring sofa table which would benefit greatly.

  78. artemis

    my coffee table

  79. Nhi

    The surface skin would make for a cool work/office desk.

  80. Amanda M

    These are so cool! I think I would cover my boring coffee table, or possibly the doors on my liquor cabinet :)

  81. Erin I

    I’d cover our living room cabinets. These skins are beautiful, full of life and so much energy — exactly what we’ve been looking for! Nice work!

  82. Bo Kim

    I would put it on my house main entrance door! Only the grooved parts though. It will definitely jazz up the whole house! Other interior has enough blik but not exterior!

  83. Valerie Christy

    I would quickly, excitedly & proudly put my beautiful Rex Ray skin on our kitchen counter tops! They are 25 year-old basic Formica construction grade counters & they are hideous. We can’t afford to upgrade to nice marble & one of these delicious skins would be Heaven sent! Thank U!

  84. Karin

    I would use this on my small lifeless hall cabinet, which desperately needs a facelift! Color + Print = Fun

  85. Lance Christensen

    I just started a new job and what better to spice up my DESK and stand out to my coworkers than with the Surface Skins by Rex Ray!


    PS: Keep up the great work!

  86. Laura C.

    I would put it on a boring filing cabinet or on my children’s door or dresser! Beautiful.

  87. Catriona Kennedy

    Aren’t they colourful! I would definitely cover our little ikea expedit bookcase that sits in our study. Currently used for gaming by our son….white….white and more white….very dull and in need of a facelift!

  88. Jessica William

    These decals are awesome. Vinyl decals with vibrant colors, if affixed at the windows of the kids’ room can fascinate them especially if their favorite characters are imprinted on them.

  89. Chelsea Alexander

    I would put the surface skins on the ugly fridge in my new house!

  90. Katrina

    Ellipse for me, pretty please!!!! LOVE REX RAY!!!!!! LOVE BLIK!!!! <3 <3 <3

  91. Yolanda Whiz

    I have an old desk that I’m cutting to make my son an entertainment center that will hold his TV, game console and games. The Rex Ray “Patch” surface skin would be a perfect surface that would bring out his versatile style and personality.

  92. Angeline M

    I would cover my door!! :D

  93. Courtney Mae

    I think I’d carefully slice these up, and cover some of my boring kitchen cabinets with them! I think they’d look great on a horizontal surface, in addition to the vertical surfaces they’re usually used for!

  94. Devikapuri


    Love your piece of work and would love to win the contest for my little five year old daughter for her room table!


  95. Megan

    I would put it on our kitchen table! It could use spruced up!

  96. Meagan

    This would totally go on my apartment door!

  97. Claire

    Even though they’re not made to adhere to walls, it would look really great in our kitchen/living area with high walls. I would stick it to a piece of wood and hang it.

  98. Julia

    I have a dresser this would be great for!

  99. sherry mack

    Oh, over my mid century modern little wood coffee table that I picked for a steal at a garage sale. It would make me almost as happy as a Rex Ray surfboard!!!!

  100. Beth Dycus

    Well to be “flat” out honest… puns intended!! I’m am starting a new life….and trying to find a new normal as I am now a newly divorced woman. But, I will spare you the details because I would rather splash my life with color….perhaps on a desk, a table (hmmmm does it stick to kids?!) Haha but that being said, with these most happy, groovy, and cool designs I imagine they could bring a corner of happiness for me and maybe even the kids would notice!!!

  101. Sam

    I’ve been a fan of Rex Ray and his work since he created Discoloria for the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Denver, Co. Somebody said it reminded them of Rock Lobster and I couldn’t agree more! On top of that, he’s lived in Colorado for a time and is well known for his graphic design work for David Bowie.

    I’ve wanted some of his artwork ever since listening to him and learning about his process of paper collage (where he makes his own paper and texture, btw), along with the insane use of color. While I can’t afford anything authentic, something like this would be a great start!

    I have a drafting table that has a blank white surface that could use some artistic integrity! Not to mention having something like Rex Ray on that table would bring inspiration to my own work and spruce up any room it’s in!

  102. mswendybe

    I would put this on a plain dining table. The table I had envisioned is proving elusive to find. This would be the perfect substitute!

  103. Lisa GG

    Just what I was looking for! We have a desk in our dining room. Our walls are painted schoolhouse blue and we don’t have a lot of light. I need to brighten the room more and was going to paint this very cheap desk in some vibrant colors and an interesting design, but I am not an artist and was worried stencils would bleed because of the cheap veneer. These surface skins by Rex Ray would give me just the fun color and design I need. The cut outs are a perfect way to maintain a cohesiveness with the legs of the desk. Can’t wait to try it!

  104. Beth Brown

    I would use it on my Coalesse SW1 dining table!! Make it one of a kind!

  105. Linda Coss

    My drab work table in my basement could use some brightening up. Perhaps it would entice me to get working in my “studio” and set it up as if it were such. Rex Ray creates such inspiring designs with bold colors. LOVE!

  106. Maggie

    What a great idea! I can see a hall table that we have sitting in the garage that is in desperate need of some TLC becoming a new winter project for me. With one of these on the top it would be a great feature piece.

  107. Bridget

    I would cover my desk in my office! I’m an art therapist, and I think the bright colors and designs would be an inspiration to my patients.


  108. Annette

    I have an old desk that could use new life; I’d apply one of these to it, to refresh the look.

  109. Duncan

    We have a 20+year old single drawer, steel-topped kitchen table for a kitchen table, decoupaged with tissue paper. It seats three, barely. Replacing later this month with a Kickstarter-legged, rescue-topped dinette that’s searching for its identity.

    I’m thinking Rex Ray can provide that identity.

    Thanks for being awesome!

  110. Melissa {Blog Clarity}

    These are awesome! Would love to use one of these skins for our desk!

  111. Devin G.

    I’d put his retro inspired graphics on my office’s many common workspaces. They are the perfect way to inspire creativity while ideating future projects.

  112. Guida A.

    We’d use it to revamp an old dining set into a meeting table for our new start up! For maximum effect we would mismatch the table and the chairs with the different pattern options.

  113. Kara G

    I would most definitely use it to update my dinning table. I just moved into a new apartment and I need to update the space!! They are amazing designs and I’d love to own them!

  114. Holly & Eddie

    Wow I have never seen these before. I have seen skins for laptops but not for actual surfaces. What an amazing concept and the prints are to die for thank you for sharing.

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