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New Geometric Pattern Wall Tiles by Spires.

New Geometric Pattern Wall Tiles by Spires.From the first time we came across the artwork from the graphic designer known as Spires, we became obsessed with his geometric and linear designs. We immediately thought they would look great on a wall – and we were right!

We’re excited to launch the Spires line at Blik starting with these 5 Pattern Wall Tiles:

- blykk lyyzt ~ Pattern Wall Tiles
- byy buy july ~ Pattern Wall Tiles
- dymmnd ryyt ~ Pattern Wall Tiles
- tryypyzoyd ~ Pattern Wall Tiles
- nwwtryllz ~ Pattern Wall Tiles

Yep, those are the product names, but don’t let the crazy names fool you. These are sophisticated patterns layered over other artwork or photos creating a playful illusion of depth and texture. We spy twinkling stars in the dark colors and distressed texture throughout as if Spires layered his geometric pattern over a discarded watercolor.

New Geometric Pattern Wall Tiles by Spires.

By combining shape, color value and texture, Spires’ geometric designs juxtapose both structure and randomness and the mechanical with the organic. Which means there is no wrong way to install these geometric designs. Flip, rotate and apply to your wall at random.

Gyvywyy! Translation: Giveaway! To celebrate the launch of Spires at Blik, we’re giving away 3 sets of his new Pattern Wall Tiles. Comment on this blog post and tell us what you like about these Spires designs. To make it more fun, try to tell us in Spires-inspired language. For example: I love these patterns. Spires translation: I lvv thyys patterns. There is no wrong way to do this, just do your best and have fun.

Details: Enter the giveaway by 11:59pm PST on February 1, 2014. This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only. We will randomly select 3 winners and notify them on February 3. Winners can choose their Spires Pattern Wall Tiles set of choice.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway! It was fun reading everyone’s comments in Spires-inspired language – you all deserve an A+. Our 3 winners have been randomly selected and notified via email. Congrats to Emily, Carrie and Christina S.!

95 Responses

  1. Ayryra

    I lyve it. Can’t decide whether the squares or the triangles are better, this is exactly the tone I am looking for for my home. Kind of fun and hip, and kind of organic and soothing, the textures on the large format patterns are interesting and dark. Weeeee!! Want to put them yvyrywhyr!!

  2. Dave Khalaf

    vwls r th wrst. bt SPIRES WALL TILES r th bst!

  3. STACY G

    I love these Pattern Wall Tiles. Very unique and would look great in my new place!

  4. Dennis

    Wow – these are great! great way to add a bit of colorful moderism to the home

  5. Carly Warden

    Thyys patters r inprng nd yewneeck. I thynk they wuld look great on a wall in a modrn space or tradytional home.

  6. Noelle

    I love how this can easily crate an accent wall! I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this on my walls at home but can’t commit to anything. This is the perfect solution!

  7. Mandy

    I love the feeling of “something hidden” these tiles invoke, like they’re photos we’d all recognize otherwise, but when they’re turned into a pattern, they become new.

    I particularly like the space/galaxy/nebula feel of the nwwtryllz pattern.

  8. Ann Felder

    Sso Blykking Cool!

  9. Céline

    Thys dysygns mykk my fyyl chyyryly pttyrnd !

  10. Diana

    CYLYRS! SHYPS! lvv…

  11. Ann Felder

    Sso Blykking Fine!

  12. Peter Lammertzen

    I wntz thyys byd!! Thyz rymyndz my of thym fyrysts wyth tryys ‘n styff. Lvvvvv thym!! Gymmyyyyzzzz plyz. thynks

  13. JoJo

    Thyysy p4ttyrnz rR yns4nne!!! Eyy wuolld reedykyr4tee myyy lofft wyth thyys!!!

  14. Natalia Otero

    byyuttyfyyylll patterns… Y wynt yyytttt!!!!

  15. Matt

    lvvn thyys dam fyn lyyns!

  16. Frances

    I lyyk the patternz n byuuutiful clyrzz!

  17. Stacy

    Gvrgvs cvlvrs! Nwwtryllz rymynds myy vf thv dvsvrt nyt sky

  18. Justin

    Lvv tryypyzoyd! Itz za bezt anz wlld goe grrrat vith owwr brandyyng!

  19. Danielle

    Thtt cclor, txxtrre,
    as layrrrdd watrrcclor:
    pls adorn myyy walll.

    - A Hyyyku

  20. Jess

    Imm nluv wth thze, iy uzd n abrosher lst yr. LUV!!!!!!!

  21. Jenny L

    I rlly lkke these wlll tlles and hppe I’m unddrsttd.

  22. Leah Forrest

    At first, I see colorful triangles on a wall…

    But then, out of the flatness,
    cyubz appear.
    The tops of byyldingz take shape,
    and I see dywntywn.
    I see the reflections of the byyldingz in watyr.

    Dywntywn sways on the surface of the watyr as I move through the lyyrs of “tryypyvoyd.”

  23. ELSA


  24. Kayytee

    Spires dezzigns really inspyyrs
    Colorrd shapes leavvs me with desirrzz
    Of plastering myy haalls
    and bedvvroom walvvs
    With byy buy july to aadmirre

  25. Carrie

    Thys wll lkk grrtt … ah, I give up. I love these so much, the washed out colors and the pattern is fantastic.

  26. Amy Helmich

    Blik haz ze bezt tzngz forr teeeen boyz roommmm

  27. Mike Whincup

    Gyvywyy mdnss!!!!
    Thyys patterns are yyyxactly what wyyvv been looking for our home!
    Blik, helping commitment phobes for llvn yuyyrs!

  28. Ray J

    Kewlz doesn’t begin to dezkribz whatz I seeez, Repeatingz patterns with complimentaryz colorz.

    In deez case, 1+1=MORZ DEN TEW!

  29. Christina s

    Spires==vizzul treetzz 4 dez eyez

  30. Janet

    mvst hvve!

  31. Robin B

    Bryylyant! I lyvv tha uss uv fotygryffyy tuu cryyatt thyss amyyzyng pytuurns. Hyyk myyupp seww eyy kan cuverr meyyy wahlls!

  32. Brent

    I really love these pattern wall tiles and how they could accent any room. I have already started picking out the walls in our offices to cover.

  33. Tina

    thyys lyk lyk my qylts!

  34. Joanna B

    nwwtryllz nd tryypzyoyd r myy fvvritss. Vrryy Ynntrrstngg ty lyyk t!!

  35. Shannon Willoughby

    Please make my home a beautiful and unique snowflake.

  36. Adam

    my gyd, yt ys fyll yf styrs!

  37. Anna Martin

    For me, the different colors inspire a variety of emotions. Some of them have a nostalgic feel and others have a kind of calming effect. All of the designs are beautiful to look at. Really unique!

    - Anna

  38. Laura

    Thyys arr so gorguus! Thyy rymynd me of lyyt thruu staynd glass wyndos.

  39. ATL

    I can’t do the code…but I love these so much.

  40. KimmyDarling

    Y lyvy Spires becyysy hys wyrk rymynds my yf my fyvyryty yrtyst, Paul Klee!

  41. Linda

    anyy wn of thyys wlld lyk gryyt in our stdyo! orgyynik nd gyyometrik!! perfyykt.

  42. Garry

    They make me feel smooth*triangle. Triforce pyramid hexagon. I feel at lyyeas when I lyyyke at coordinates: the wall. Yyyy vvvvvvvvuuuuuu

  43. Mandy

    Spires wyall tyyless are coloyrful and fyn to looyk at .

  44. jess

    vryyy blllennnddeee

  45. Kalie

    Spires rlly gytts me! I gottts to hvve clrs ynd sttff on myy wlls byt nt jysst anyythng wyyl do. Th pttyrns nd sycrytt pctrs yr prfyct!
    Ps, my ytocrryct jystt dsnt gt yt!

  46. TEW


  47. Krista

    I lyv thyys tylz. Thy orgnyk cylyrz wyth thy shyrp lynz yr brythtyykyng!

  48. Kat

    Wow! These are so inspiring I would love to put one in my studio! Well done, Spires and Blik for finding solid artists! Brylllynnt!

  49. PPauul

    BbLyyK aanD SpYYrrS izz Oyn FYYyyR !!Y!

  50. Colin Kennedy

    Beautiful colors and patterns in these designs! Each one is unique enough to be interesting without being gaudy.

  51. Greg

    These are great! I need them for my office–no windows, so I definitely need something visually interesting!

  52. Alison

    Oh gosh, this is gonna end up like I smash my face on my keyboard. xD

    Thyyys Spyyrs-nspyyrdd tyyls r lyyk styryyn ayt a kyylyydyskop!

  53. Meghan Robbins

    Lv BBLYKK LYYZT!! Wld lk grt @ hsbnds fc. Wbst dsgn cmpny, lvs yr wrk! BBLYKK LYYZT rks :)

  54. Erika

    Thyys spyyrs pattrns r strykng!!!!

  55. Jennica

    Can’t vayt to see vyys on my vvall.

  56. Shelby

    I LVVE Spires’ designs!! They’re so beautyfyl; Futuristic and hip, yet organic and familiar. One of my favoryte artysts :)

  57. Jesseline

    These are so Wkkkyd!! The purrrfektt solution to my borryynngg wylzz :)

  58. Brad Pipins

    Tyww Wyrdz: Akkcnt Wol!

  59. Rachel

    Nyc! I’ve got the perfect spot for these in our den.

  60. Angeline

    Thyzz ptterns arr inspyring! Thyre so verrsatlle and gvve pressnnce yn a rmmm wythoot defyning whtt thyy arr. I cnn’t wayt frr thys to bb my fyrst rrtwrrk up in my nww apprtmnnt! ;)

    These patterns are inspiring! They're so versatile and give presence in a room without defining what they are. I can't wait for this to be my first artwork up in my new apartment! ;) ]

  61. CC

    vrrry kuuul. kulrd dymynds!

  62. Meng

    Super cool designs. Gyvv me al of thym! Lyve the pttns.

  63. Regina

    Iy knyw muy shyyps! Whyn Iy wus lyttl muy fyvuryt buuk wus ull ubuut shyyps! Nuw Iy yym ubsyssd wyth pyyttyrns ynd tyxtur whych wuuld nut yxyst wythuut shyyps; ynd Spyres dysigns yyr thy culmynyytyun uf yt yyll! Plus thy culurs yyr yymyyzyng–LUV!!!!

  64. Kristen

    I love these tiles so much! My husband and I were married at a move theater and the stage curtain had a similar bright geometric feel. Would love to have our walls echo that day. TL;DR version: iyy lyyve thyym. cyyn iyy wyyn?

  65. tanya

    would lyyve to pyt thysy on my walls..!

  66. Jen

    YY love the myuted pallettes! Sofystycayted AND colorful!

  67. Allison

    I lyyve the tryypyzoyd pattern by spires. I already hyve a pillow with it that I purchased @ society 6. Think I’m going to hyve to try it on my walls too!

  68. Veronica

    would love to have it in my home in Barcelona!
    and I would use the Spires language in Spanish:

    my ncantary tunur stus culurs un my pisu!
    (love to have these colours in my flat!)

  69. Michelle

    Thyys rr sw nyyt. They make me feel nostalgic for something I don’t know yet.

  70. Amy Donahue

    YY can’t gyt ovyr thy stars. Magyyc! Thyys wuuld luk gryyt anywhyr.

  71. Justin

    I LVVVV thses pttrns. Thyedd lykke gryyte in myye nwew playyc!!

  72. PB


  73. brent henry

    I have these geometric watercolour distress images in loads of my inspiration folders on my laptop. As desktop wallpapers
    Its a stunning bold pop of colour to your walls. It’ll certainly be a conversation starter by guests

  74. Diane T

    Very 21st century. I haven’t seen anything close to this yet. Hope you will extend the line to skins in the future!

  75. Mark

    rlly nt gud t his typ o wrtng…jst wnna wn. hv wll tht s prfct 4 ths fabu mages. mi lttl hse wud ahava.

    Bis morgen denn. ykram

  76. Cathy

    Blykk lyyzt is the bomb diggitty! Would go perfect in the guest bathroom. Guests could just stare at the awesomeness while doing their business! :D

  77. Mike

    Theez uhr ah-mayzing. mch lvv. kneed noww.

  78. Gray

    Spires translation “yes this is awesome”

  79. Susan

    VVrry Cooll.Cnn stt 4 hrs nd jsst gzz. wdd B grr8 nyywrr

  80. OG

    I like the “there is no wrong way to install the them” system. That way I know I can’t have someone tell me I have the tiles facing the wrong way. Better yet, I might ask a few friends if it looks like I put one of the tiles u the wrong way and see their reaction. Nw tht wld b fn.

  81. Julie

    These muted textures are to die for.

  82. Dimon

    Ym ntryng contyst! Yyy blyk!

  83. Melissa

    Fyn wyyyy ty spyyyce uyp ay wyyyllll!!!!

  84. Claire

    I lvv how cozzzmk thy r.

  85. Nana

    I love how these make beautiful accent wall

  86. Scott Yates

    Wyw!! These rrr awesome!! I especialyyy likeee the BLYKK LYYZT and DYYMND RYYYT tiles. Either of them would look great in myyy room I am going to paint next. Great job!!!

  87. sspela

    Thyys arr nt the droids e wuzz lykkyng for, btt I sure lvv thyys fly patterns!

    thyy wyyld sure brryng a lyyttle freekky & geekky pyxxelation to anny room — and warrm the heart of evvery gamebug <3

    lvvly pykkseawesomeness! :)

  88. Deer du Bois

    I didn’t know if i was still dre◺ming when i s◺w this P▲TTERN W▲LL tiles, for months i was looking for the perfect colour combination to brighten up my new p◺ce. And these ▲s are just amazing.
    When i think of the tryypzyoyd I can imagine looking at a Frida Kahlo painting, then again it changes into an autumn landscape, a design that you can make your own, thanks to your own imagination! ▙◎▽∈ it!!

  89. Jernej

    Thyy yry ywysymy ynd frysh.

  90. james soares (spires)

    I ym tytylly blwwn awyy byy th’ryspynss hyyr!

    Thyynnkk yww tww evyvryyn fyr yll th’ymyzzyngg syppyrt!

    I lyve yww Blik! yww gyys ryck!


  91. Casey

    Thysy are a beautiful blend of color and shape! Pyrfyct for accynt wall! Love thys!

  92. Kyle

    I wynt to gyo to thyry

  93. Saj

    Lvv Byylk nd lvv thyys!

  94. Emily

    I’d fyyl lyke I wys in a crystyl palyce with thyse on my wall. So fyn~!

  95. Corby

    gyyky yt sfyystikatyyd

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