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New Kidrobot X Blik wall graphics + Giveaway

New Kidrobot X Blik wall graphics + GiveawayWe’re excited to introduce the new line of Kidrobot X Blik wall graphics. Kidrobot started in 2002 (the same year as Blik!) and we have been fans ever since. Kidrobot is known worldwide as a creator, producer and retailer of limited edition art toys and collectibles, apparel and lifestyle accessories.

New Kidrobot X Blik wall graphics + GiveawayKidrobot offers several mediums for today’s fashion designers, illustrators and graffiti artists and provides the creative canvas for emerging street trends and pop art. And what better canvas than your wall which is why Kidrobot and Blik teamed up to create this limited-edition collection of 8 wall graphics from Kidrobot classic artwork. The 8 graphics include Munny World Dry Erase, Kidrobot Pattern Wall Tiles, Yummy Pattern Wall TilesYummy Thought BubbleLabbit Yankee Pig Dog, Smorkin Labbit large, Smorkin Labbit medium, and Smorkin Labbit small.

New Kidrobot X Blik wall graphics + GiveawayGiveaway: To celebrate the launch of the Kidrobot line, we’re giving away 5 of them. To score one of these pop culture classics, comment on this blog post and tell us which of these 8 new wall graphics is your favorite and why.

Details: Entry to win is open to residents of the US and Canada only. Enter by 11:59pm PST on January 19, 2014. We’ll randomly select 5 winners and notify them on January 20. Winners can choose their Kidrobot wall graphic of choice. 

UPDATE 1/20/14: Thanks to all who entered our giveaway. Our 5 winners have been randomly selected and notified via email.

83 Responses

  1. Jenny L

    I love them all, of course, but my favorite is the Yummy Pattern Wall Tiles! I have a couple Yummy plush items that match the tiles (the donut and the pizza slice) so I could get a whole theme going. :)

  2. Rachel

    Gotta go with the robot head wall tiles. What a great way to add some pop to a wall! The hardest part would be picking a color set…

  3. irene

    i LOVE the yummy pattern wall tiles . i’m a true foodie and love to eat! they look so delicious and fun and so CUTE!

  4. Julia

    I love the bright colors of the kid robot pattern wall tiles! It’d definitely add some fun to any accent wall :D

  5. Sarah P

    The Kidrobot is fab, love the funky colours!

  6. David

    Love Kidrobot!!! especially the Mummy World dry erase. You can customize the colors!

  7. Brendan

    I’m head over heels for the Labbit Yankee Pig Dog.

  8. Q

    “Yummy” because it looks so yummy!

  9. Bryan Beeson

    Labbit Yankee Pig Dog for the win! That piece is amazing, what a unique design. Love the wing design incorporated into the ears, well done!

  10. Sarah Beer

    Gotta be the Yummy ~ Pattern Wall Tiles! It’s so fresh and cute :)

  11. Vz

    Yummy pattern is the bomb!!

  12. Tanya

    The Yummy Thought Bubble so I can stick it above my head because I constantly think about food!!!

  13. Pamela

    I love Yummy Pattern Wall Tiles! It’s really cute – would love to have 5 of those to cover a wall! :)

  14. Jessica

    I like the foodie one. It’s funky, colorful, and cute. I can already envision my kids “eating” the wall.

  15. Anna R

    I’d have to go with the Yummy Thought Bubble. Why? Um, it’s ridiculously cute! And I’ve got just the spot for it above my couch.

  16. Patrick

    LABBIT YANKEE PIG DOG! Looks like he’s been through hell and back.

  17. Alison

    The Yummy ~ Pattern Wall Tiles are my favorite by far! The colorful pattern of food and sweets with wide-eyed expressions would make a great accent pattern for my kitchen.

  18. Holly Kennedy

    SMORKIN LABBIT is too cute. Must have one.

  19. Jen D

    Love the Yummy Pattern wall tiles. It’s quite cute and does look very yummy! Kidrobot is a close second, though, with its awesome, almost eye-hurting (in a good way), colors!

  20. Kathie Vaught

    The Yummy Pattern — my grandson would totally love it and I think I am committed! Love Blik!

  21. Charlotte

    Yummy Pattern Wall Tiles – kind of Willy Wonka but oh, so much more fun!

  22. Laura B

    I really like the yummy thought bubble. I’d make the kids stand under it when I ask them what they want for dinner and laugh every time. It would be super cute on the Cabinet in the kitchen or on the fridge

  23. Tina

    I have to have the Munny World dry erase! It’s even better than decorating the regular munnys because I can erase my mess ups!

  24. Dan

    I like the munny world dry erase the best.

  25. angie

    I love the Smorkin labbit, esp in hot pink, so badass, like take no prisoners here i am bitches!

  26. Tabitha

    My fav. is the YUMMY ~ PATTERN WALL TILES! It is so kawaii and colorful that is makes me smile. I just really love the whole style of it and the cupcake is just perfection!

  27. Kiley

    Hands down Yummy Pattern Wall tile because even the walls in your kitchen should make you hungry.

  28. Jennifer T

    I like the SMORKIN LABBIT. It’s so cute!

  29. Devin G.

    Love me some Kidrobot! I have to say the Yummy wall tiles wins for me – great in a room as the feature wall or a great complement those of us who have some (if not all!) of the Yummy series plush!

  30. Heather

    Yummy Pattern looks delicious and would look awesome in my new house!

  31. Stephani

    I Love the thought bubble. My 8 year old son loves to draw comics and his thought bubbles are always halarious. I’m sure that he’s drawn at least a dozen with pizza in them! So fun! I think he would love to have the yummy thought bubble above his bed.

  32. Pauline

    Yummy Thought Bubble – the picture is just my son all over! Thanks!

  33. Mollusk

    My favorite is the Labbit Yankee Pig Dog.

    That thing is FRAS (fakkin’ raw as sh*t)

  34. thebigboss

    the Kidrobot ~ Pattern Wall Tiles

  35. Vindy

    Yummy patterned wall tile is my favorite. Just thinking and looking at sweet treats makes me happy =o)

  36. Kandice

    Smorkin’ labbits are my favorite!!!

  37. Jane

    I love the Little Smorkin Labbit! It amazes my kids that at age 60+ I have a nice collection of Smorkin Labbits. This would be a bonanza!

  38. Jacen Spector

    How could you not live these smorkin labbits? I do because it’s a perfect backdrop on the wall behind you glass cabinets or shelves. Can’t wait!

  39. Veronica Sandberg

    My daughter would love these

  40. Kim McGill

    My favorite is Smorkin Labbit small. Wonderfully young and playful but with that definite adult edge. I would pick the small so several of multiple colours could be used.

  41. Edward S.

    I love the big Smorkin L. He’s looks so cool, unexpected and likes to push the boundaries a little. Like me!

  42. E Blisster

    I love Yummy! I’ve been looking for something fun for my kitchen backsplash and this would certainly do it up right! Plus the kids would love it. Definitely my favorite.

  43. Sarah Flickinger

    Yummy for sure. We’re getting ready to redo our kitchen, and I know our three-year-old would get a kick out of having these to “remodel” the corner where we keep her play kitchen.

  44. Brett M

    I like the Yummy Thought Bubble. Or to be more precise, my daughter likes the Yummy Thought Bubble and now really wants it. Thanks Blik.

  45. Lani Pham

    I have been a fan of the munny line ever since day 1! So my favorite just has to be the MunnyWorld! AND you can write and draw all over it. How can you not love it! My second favorite is the labbit pig dog. It great to see a twist on the original smorkin labbit design

  46. Nick WY

    I would have to choose smorkin labbit! I have loved Kidrobot for years! I have a mini smorkin labbit that I keep on my desk because it makes me giggle :) Of course, my car visors were decorated with yummy donuts (hanging from keychains) for awhile, until they became permanent decor at home. Who doesn’t love a fuzzy donut??

  47. Meoskop

    Yummy Pattern wall tiles would be perfect for my kitchen door. I want an ice cream sandwich just looking at it.

  48. cassandra mccann
  49. Rachael Wod

    Man, that’s too tough. I can see use for any of them. My kiddos would LOVE the yummy thought bubble, but the smokin labbit or the yankee labbit would be great in my office!!

  50. Nora

    I love the yummy thought bubble and can see it on the wall next to the kitchen table. We are all thinking it anyway.

  51. Vera

    A Smorkin Labbit! I don’t smoke, but will live vicariously through one of these little guys (sans the negative health repercussions).

  52. Ash

    I love the yummy thought bubble, the wipe off munny, or the yummy wall tiles. The color and optimism are great to wake up to. We have some 10 year old blik and its getting ratty, I would love to fresh up those walls!

  53. Shawna Armstrong

    I like the Kidrobot-Wall tiles the best of the eight. the bright, bold pattern makes my eyes shoot to it every time. And the little robot heads couldn’t be cuter!

  54. Cathy

    Love the yummy thought bubbles! Great reminder to relax on the couch and think yummy thoughts!

  55. Leida

    Labbit Yankee Pig Dog of course. It’s nothing short of awesome.

  56. Ruth

    Yummy – they would make me smile every time I saw them

  57. Mark W

    Munny World Dry Erase…my niece would love the activity.

  58. Marilyn

    Love the Yummy ones!!! Perhaps this could help my diet!!!

  59. Brent

    Gotta go with the Kidrobot pattern tiles. I love that Old School sci-fi robot look, and Kidrobot’s designs are always super-fresh.

  60. Mama B

    The Yummy Pattern Wall tiles just made me sqeeeeeeeal! Two of my faves joining forces?! Blik and Kidrobot Yummy? I should have seen this coming!! My son has a Kidrobot Yummy collection which includes 5 plush sweets, a handful of erasers and some yummy keychains. He would be thrilled to win these :D

  61. brent henry

    its bold , strikingly colorful and looks totally bitchin

  62. Beth

    Yummy Thought Bubble is my favorite, followed closely by the Kidrobot patter wall tiles…

  63. Kimi LeVadge

    The Yummy Pattern Wall Tiles are a seamless transition from Kid to Adult, and everyone in between. It would be a perfect conversation piece for myself, my husband and our new baby. Even my dog loves looking at our KidRobot decor :)

  64. EK

    Definitely one of the Yummys. Probably the pattern wall tiles would be my first choice. Near the pantry would be just yummy!

  65. Jamie

    I love the Yummy one! Because I love sweets and all things Yummy!

  66. EK

    Persuasion (2007 Masterpiece version) is one of my favorites!

  67. William S

    As a smoker, it’s hard not to love the smoking rabbits.

  68. Claire

    I love the Yummy wall tile because there is an abundance of foodie cuties on it. And it would look really swell in our kitchen.

  69. Lu

    Yummy Thought Bubble because it won’t overwhelm a small space and everything looks yummy!

  70. Angie

    As a major foodie, I love the Yummy Pattern Wall Tiles the most!

  71. Rodrigo Eguez

    I would have to say Labbit Yankee Pig Dog. My nephew love military looking items. I would put it in his room so he could know he had a cool uncle.

  72. Scott Yates

    Big fan of Frank Kozik even before I met him at a poster/print show in Seattle. He’s a cool guy in person and would love a more of his stuff for my walls. I have a couple concert prints that I bought in person from him. I like most all of his vinyl pieces and love that he has started working with resin. I don’t own any of his resin yet but surely will. I would love to have the Labbit Yankee Pig Dog up on my wall! I just moved in December and have’t painted all the rooms yet, my hobby room would look great with this and I could pic a color to compliment it. Thanks for doing these Kidrobot pattern wall tiles also. Very cool! I have lot’s of Kidrobot toys and especially like the zipper pulls.

  73. Junelynn Tran

    The food. Because I love food!

  74. Marissa

    I adore the yummy wall tile! As a pastry chef I’ve been a fan of the yummy line for years. I can not resist the adorable food Heidi creates, it insprires my work!

  75. Andrea

    The Yummy wall tiles would be delectable in the kitchen.

  76. Sarah Aitken

    The smorkin labbit is my favorite. I think the small one is my favorite size — but I would group 5 of them together. I have collected a bunch of the smorkin labbits, so I just can’t resist the wall graphics.

  77. Cynthia Teer

    Really like the Kidrobot ~ Pattern Wall Tiles

  78. Jamie

    Yummy thought bubble… Perfect for over a crib! It’s safe because it can’t fall off or endanger the baby and you just know, as nice as boobs are, they want something else to eat!

  79. Lori Byrd

    The yummy thought bubble is my favorite because it is so unique. I have never seen anything like that before.

  80. Jill

    My 2 year old swiped all of my kidrobot toys so now he’s obsessed with all things. We love the Yummy pattern wall tiles and would put them in his room to go with my stolen toys.

  81. May

    I love the yummy wall tiles, anything with eyeballs are cute!

  82. Amy Donahue

    I love the Yummy Pattern Wall Tiles – mmm food and color. They’re all pretty awesome, though!

  83. Kristin

    OMG, how could I choose? I love kid robot and have a huge collection of their vinyl figures. It’s a tie between the Yummy Thought Bubble and one of the Smorkin Labbits.

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