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We heart our new Valentine’s Day products!

We heart our new Valentines Day products!The heart is a bloom! We’re bursting with love for our new collection of heart-themed products, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The 5 limited edition designs – Heart Attack, Cupid, Beautiful Day, Mouse Trap, and Fox Hunt - are available as a handy tote bag, a comfy throw pillow or a set of notecards. To spread the love, we’re giving away 3 and the lucky winners will get to choose their product of choice from this new collection.

We heart our new Valentines Day products!

We heart our new Valentines Day products!

Giveaway! What’s your favorite romantic movie? (And it doesn’t have to have a happy ending.) And guys, we know you have one too! Tell us by commenting on this blog post to enter.

Details: This giveaway is open to all who enter. Enter by commenting on this blog post by 11:59pm PST on January 19, 2014. We’ll randomly select 3 winners and notify them via email on January 20. The winners get to pick 1 of the 5 Valentine’s Day designs and choose to have it as a tote, throw pillow or a set of notecards.

UPDATE 1/20/14: Thanks to all who entered our giveaway. Our 3 winners have been randomly selected and notified via email.


93 Responses

  1. Christina

    My favorite romantic movie is: Notting Hill (1999) Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

  2. caroline


  3. Rachel

    Love these designs! Are they all available as notecards, totes, and pillows? Or are they only as shown? I’d have such a hard time choosing between the fox and bunny or a navy tote with red hearts! Great designs!

  4. Chris

    I’m a sucker for Pretty Woman any time it’s on.

  5. Blik

    Hi Rachel, Each design is available as a tote, throw pillow or notecards. Choose your product from the drop down menu on the design product page to order.

  6. Jessica

    An Affair to Remember!

  7. e michelle

    i love benny and joon!

  8. Jenny L

    I’d have to say my favorite romantic movie is either Amelie or Airplane! The love story between Ted Striker and Elaine Dickinson counts, right?

  9. Roberta Russell

    What are the chances someone else said Pretty Woman?! I gotta go with that one, too!

  10. whitney

    The 1968 and the 1996 Romeo and Juliette <3

  11. Paulette M

    My favorite romantic movie is 500 days of summer! It’s not a love story, it’s a story about love <3

  12. Q

    My wife and I love to watch “50 First Dates” whenever it’s on!

  13. Julia

    People might not think it is, but 5th Element is probably my favorite love story!

  14. sarah

    Punch Drunk Love! perfect love story.

  15. Danielle

    I think my favorite love story is “Garden State”!

  16. Vz

    Sixteen candles for sure.

  17. Tanya


  18. Jessica H

    No Annie Hall mentions yet? The designs are to die for, by the way.

  19. Pamela E

    I’ve gotta go with Love Actually. Favorite Christmas movie, too.

  20. Cody

    My favorite would have to be You’ve Got Mail. Love to hear that AOL Online voice say “You’ve Got Mail!”…and the story is pretty romantic too.

  21. Annie

    True Romance (1993) for sure.

  22. Kathy Carpenter

    Pretty Woman does it for me!

  23. Kailey

    Oddly enough Moulin Rouge!

  24. Holly Kennedy

    The Notebook and Far and Away are tied for me.

  25. jade

    Secretary (2002)

  26. Kathie Vaught

    My favorite movie is an oldie — Same Time Next Year with Alan Alda. It has been my favorite for many years and I watch it at least once a year if not more.

  27. Jen D.

    Anything but The Princess Bride would be inconceivable!

  28. Charlotte

    When Harry Met Sally
    Falling in and out and in love again with your best friend.

  29. Greg

    ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ counts, right? If not, it’s probably ‘Lady and the Tramp’!

  30. Esme Rogers

    Love Actually

  31. Tina

    The Notebook!

  32. Kiley

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall…you can’t go wrong with puppets and Hawaii!

  33. Dan

    Sleepless in Seattle

  34. angie

    Bridget Jones Diary the first one, at the end of the movie when she gets busted for writing all that crap in her diary and D’arcy reads it and she goes chasing him in the snow in her underwear!

  35. Tabitha

    My favorite Romantic movies are Bringing Up Baby & Princess Bride.

  36. Heather

    Edward Scissorhands, I promise I wont cut up the new pillow:)!

  37. emily

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

  38. Stephani

    LOVE The Notebook!

  39. Pat

    Definitely Benny and Joon! Great story and characters makes the best love movie.

  40. Caroline

    Lovely new designs! My favorite romantic movie is “Dirty Dancing” :)

  41. thebigboss

    the Simpsons The Movie
    when Omer is watching his wedding tape with Marge’s message, meet the booby-inuit and Springfield

  42. Meghan

    I love Moulin Rouge!

  43. Vindy

    I’d have to say Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs. This is a classic love story! What girl doesn’t hope to one day meet her Prince Charming? =o)

  44. Valerie

    Sleepless in Seattle. Funny + Sexy is a great combo! BTW, the new Valentine designs are great!

  45. Pauline

    I loved About Time. Also When Harry Met Sally : )

  46. Veronica Sandberg

    somewhere in time great prizes love them

  47. Kim McGill

    Without a doubt, Mouse Trap is my pick. The pillow would fit perfectly in my “cat ruled” home.

  48. Sarah Flickinger

    Favorite love story? Hands down it has to be Princess Bride.

  49. cassandra mccann

    Pretty women hands down!~

  50. Nick WY

    Annie Hall – love in all it’s many iterations :)

  51. Rachael Wood

    I’m a bit old school, I’d have to say my favorite romantic movie is The Grass is Greener starring Cary Grant. A tale of love, infatuation, and manipulation. Funny, witty, and in the end, Cary Grant gets into a duel where he rigs the other guys gun so he gets shot to win his wife’s sympathies back! Classic.

  52. Nora

    Princess Bride. Just watched it with my kids and loved it all over again.

  53. Nik

    The Princess Bride

  54. Aislynn

    Garden State

  55. Shawna Armstrong

    My favorite romantic movie is the Scarlet Pimpernel. Both the original and the new version are wonderful in their own ways. The story of a selfless man who almost losses the love of his life in the quest to save others….*sniff*

  56. Bianca

    my favorite romantic movie would have to be “a walk to remember”. it made me cry at the end though.. ;(

  57. Amanda

    Before Sunrise <3

  58. Julie

    The Princess Bride or The Mummy.

  59. Ruth

    As Good As It Gets

  60. Olivia Rubin

    Feeling stumped…favorite romance movie – well I really like the beginning g of the Pixar film Up.

  61. Mark W


  62. Robert


  63. brent henry

    Scott Pilgrim VS the world
    battling the seven evil ex boyfriends to show his true love for his girlfriend

  64. Linda C

    The Piano

  65. Sid

    Love the fox one!

  66. Trent

    They are all cool. I like the fox tote the best.

  67. Trent

    Didn’t read directions….favorite romantic movie….the jerk.

  68. Jamie

    You’ve Got Mail!!

  69. EK

    Persuasion (2007 Masterpiece version) is one of my favorites!

  70. William S

    10 Things I Hate About You. Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt before they were huge stars. And I always had a crush on Alex Mack.

  71. Claire

    “The Princess Bride”

  72. Abby Caraway

    Before Sunrise is my favorite

  73. Lu

    When Harry Met Sally

  74. Annmignon Terranova

    All of Me with Lilly Tomlin and Steve Martin. Only THE BEST!

  75. Angie

    I’m a fan of rom coms, so my favorite romantic movie is Down With Love.

  76. Rodrigo Eguez

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. They still fell in love after having their memories erased.

  77. JoeyfromSC

    Moulin Rouge!! great movie!

    Thanks for the chance to win! enjoy your weekend!


  78. howie

    great story and cinematography

  79. Junelynn Tran

    A Walk to Remember

  80. Janine

    Great designs! This is a tough one but I’ll have to go with Sleepless in Seattle!

  81. Andrea

    I love “The Princess Bride” a true romantic comedy full of action and medieval glory.

  82. Michelle

    My favorite romantic movie is the first ten minutes of UP!

  83. Sarah Aitken

    I’m not great with naming one favorite. For romantic movies, it’s a tie between “A Room With a View” and “The Girl Next Door.” “The Princess Bride is absolutely in my top 5.

  84. Cynthia Teer

    Kill your Darlings was pretty cool

  85. Jamie

    True Romance… “You’re so cool” :)

  86. Rebecca

    I love any Disney classic romance story – Snow White, Cinderella, Aladdin, etc!

  87. Autumn Howard

    Going with Napoleon Dynamite. The ending is classic

  88. Lori Byrd

    My favorite is “Love Story” with Ali and Ryan. It was the best.

  89. Lola D.

    P.S. I love you is my favorite romance movie.

  90. Amy

    The Very Long Engagement

  91. May


  92. Amy Donahue

    Hmm, favorite romantic movie? There are a lot of good ones here, and my exact opinion could change day to day, but I kind of adore “It Could Happen to You.”

  93. Lisa


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