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Blik’s Picks: Top 10 of 2013

As 2013 winds down, we take a moment to reflect back on all the amazing product launches we had this year. 10 Blik staffers share their favorite for our Blik’s Picks: Top 10 of 2013. Is your favorite on our list? Comment on this blog post and let us know.

Bliks Picks: Top 10 of 2013

1 – Somita, Production Designer &
2 – Sara, Designer
Hello Kitty by Sanrio

Somita – “The reason why I like Hello Kitty is because it’s nostalgic to me. I grew up buying little knickknacks from the store any time I could get the chance!”

Sara – “Because hellooo, it’s Hello Kitty.”

Bliks Picks: Top 10 of 2013

3 – Uly, Shipping Manager
Surface Skins by Keith Haring, Wrapped and Threadless
- “Surface Skins because you can pimp your furniture with style.”

Bliks Picks: Top 10 of 2013

4 – Jorge, Production
Super Mario Bros Re-Stik by Nintendo

- “It reminds me of my childhood when my grandmother used to come looking for me on the quarter machines back in the days when Mario just had come out.”

Bliks Picks: Top 10 of 2013

5 – Christy, Customer Service Superstar
Fishes in Geometrics Pattern Wall Tiles by Threadless and Florent Bodart

- “My grandfather Skippy was a well-known barber, an avid fisherman and had quite a knack for drawing. His barber shop was decorated with fishing decor and photos of his big catches and in between customers he would sit in the shop and hand make beautiful fishing flies and draw scenes from his fishing adventures. I’ve heard stories from back in the day that the only way anyone could get Skippy to close the barber shop for a day was to invite him fishing. I think he would have been “hooked” on the Fishes in Geometries Patterned Wall tiles to “dec out” his shop – as he had quite an eye for style and detail!”

Bliks Picks: Top 10 of 2013

6 – Margo, Print Production &
7 – Albert, Print Production Manager
Zelda: Wind Waker by Nintendo

Margo – “Zelda Wind Waker: Sword reminds me of when I was a kid and used to imagine that I was a knight and I would play with my sword.”

Albert – “The stained glass reminds me of church and Zelda reminds me of how I used to play it every Sunday morning.. it was a religion.

Bliks Picks: Top 10 of 2013

8 – Thea, Custom Projects Manager
Paper Jam Press by Ariana Orland

- “I love the bold text and the pop culture references.”

Bliks Picks: Top 10 of 2013

9 – Nick, Manager, Operations & Custom Projects
Left Field Cards by Amelie Mancini

-”I love Amelie’s throwback style, plus her illustrations capture the fun that is so desperately lacking in baseball collectibles.”

Bliks Picks: Top 10 of 2013

10 – Pancho, Production
Blik Party Games by Blik

-”It’s a good idea!”

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    Wow.!!!! your collection is just amazing. These rooms are looking very nice. Want to buy this for my room.

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