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Super Mario Bros Re-Stik is back! Plus Giveaway & Sale!

Super Mario Bros Re Stik is back! Plus Giveaway & Sale!The 8-bit classic returns to Blik! Super Mario Bros Re-Stik is back with new artwork and characters. Made with Blik Re-Stik, this design is movable so you can create and redesign screen shots from the game on your wall.

In honor of its return, we’re gifting 5 lucky fans with a set of Super Mario Bros Re-Stik for the holidays.

Super Mario Bros Re Stik is back! Plus Giveaway & Sale!

Giveaway: Score 1 of 5 sets of Super Mario Bros Re-Stik by answering the question: In your opinion, what makes Super Mario, well…super? There is no correct answer. Maybe you think it’s because Mario is a plumber or it’s because Super Mario Bros is the best video game in the universe. Comment on this blog post now through December 3 to answer the question and enter the giveaway. Good luck!

Cyber Sale: Bonus! Get 25% off Super Mario Bros Re-Stik and all your Blik wall graphic favorites during our Tryptophan-tastic Cyber Sale going on right now. Use code CYBER in checkout to save through December 3.

Details: Enter our Super Mario Bros Re-Stik giveaway by 11:59pm PST on December 3, 2013. The 5 winners will be randomly selected and announced on December 4. Our Tryptophan-tastic Cyber Sale ends at 11:59pm PST on December 3, 2013. Code CYBER is valid toward Blik retail products only. Code is not valid toward gift certificates or custom projects. Valid toward online orders only.

Update: Our 5 winners have been randomly selected and notified via email. Congrats to Jason, Makhlook, Michael Teeters, Cody and Surf Mario!

79 Responses

  1. Vinilos Decorativos

    It is the most amazing interior i have ever seen.this is the way the interior should be.

  2. Hazel

    Super Mario is super because it is something our kids and ourselves can agree on even with the generation gaps. Mario will always be a timeless classic in our fanily.

  3. Hazel

    Super Mario is super because it is something our kids and ourselves can agree on even with the generation gaps. Mario will always be a timeless classic in our family.

  4. Sean Wright

    Well, for all of the plumbers I’ve ever known, Mario Mario is the only one I know that can spit hot fire out of his mouth.

  5. Joshua Roehrig

    Mario is one of the most influential video game characters of all time. Not to mention, the games still hold up. My 3 and 5 year olds love to play the original games.

  6. Mel Gereke

    I think it’s his determination to forever try and save Princess Peach that makes Super Mario Super! He never gives up!

  7. Dillon Beck

    Mario is called “super” Mario… because “mega” was already taken? Plus the in game music is always spot on!

  8. Dan

    because he goes down pipes! i’ve always wanted to do that!

  9. Heather

    Super Mario Bros is super because it transcends all time.
    As a mom, I am suddenly cool as I share with my 10 year old son the stories of how I would spend my entire pre-teen summers trying to rescue the princess! Yes, that’s right! And there was no saving “back in my day…” If you died, you had to start right back from the beginning: World 1, level 1! There was no “googling for cheats” back in my day…you had to figure out all the warps and hidden items on your own! These stories are the modern day, “I had to walk to school 10 miles uphill, both ways” stories!
    As I weave my gaming tales of days gone by, I’m instantly respected in my son’s eyes. Mom had a life before me…she even played the video games I love!! And the generation gap is closed.
    My son and I have a moment as we play together…we are connected on a different level. Two gamers enjoying our favorite game together. Two competitors laughing as we push each other off a cloud to peril. Two heroes trying to rescue a princess. Two friends enjoying time together making a memory.
    That, my friends, is super.

  10. Jeremy

    Excellent level designs, perfect controls, and fun with friends makes Mario bros, world, kart, 64, party, smash bros, sunshine, galaxy, and 3d Super games.

  11. Chuck Paradis

    What makes him so super, eh? I think it has to do with the fact that for over 25 years I’ve gone back to this game/franchise with friends. I think the effect he’s had on me and my changing group of friends (hey, I gotta say they’ve changed since I was 6!) has made a great impact and more recently evoked some serious nostalgia. So that’s why Jumpman/Mario is so super! Here’s hoping for some contest love!!!

  12. Jonas

    The ‘Super’ in Mario is the fact this little Italian plumber made me paint a 1.20 x 1.20 M 8-bit scenery that took over 300 hours of work, in 4 different studio’s the past 3 years. One canvas! After moving to my third studio my Mario 8-bit wallgraphics went ‘game over’ so I’d loooooove a new set for my new studio. Where I’m actually painting a pixel by pixel 1 x 1.20 M Donkey Kong for 300+ hours already. :D Ah, I forgot, I still have to see a doctor bout that…


  13. Jim

    What puts the Super in Super Mario? The Super Mario series embodies what video games should be. They’re just flat-out FUN. When you play, they just nail everything right.

  14. Katie

    I grew up on Mario and my young nephews are still in love with it today!

  15. Joshua R.

    In my opinion, what makes Super Mario, well…super? Being a typical Middle Class Family that could not afford a Nintendo back in the 1980′s made my love of Super Mario Bros. rabbid. Super Mario was so super to my 4 year old mind in 1985. I would go over to my “rich” cousin’s house and play for hours alternating back and forth. For being such a difficult game, it just happened to be so much fun.
    Mario is super because he reminds me of my innocent childhood, where my worries were the school bus, losing library books, and passing Level 7 of Super Mario Bros. (I was always Luigi, since I was player 2)

  16. David

    The thing that makes Super Mario (well the series, at least) so super is the gameplay. Just about all of the Mario games are so simple to get into, but VERY fun nearly all the way through.

  17. JoJo Maldonado

    Let’s be honest. Mario’s THE Trend Setter. He’s world renown. Even his brother Luigi and arch nemesis Wario have their own respective games. He was there at the dawn of 8-bit gaming. When gaming went portable on green and black screens, he was there. He went super and shocked everyone with how much content could be unlocked and explored in the 16-bit realm. He was in Stereoscopic 3D on Virtual Boy an entire year before he was released into a groundbreaking 3D world on N64, just to be released again in 3D on a portable platform. He’s driven Go-Karts, Golf Clubs, and Yoshi’s. He’s now available in 1080P on the platform that brought digital downloads and avatars to consoles long before any other company. He’s been in fighting games, Role Playing games, action games, adventure games, sports games, and puzzle games. He’s had a Hollywood movie made after his franchise. He’s super because he is the basis every other great game is based off of. He is Super because he is the trend setter. Everyone else is just trying to catch up.

  18. Danielle

    “Up, up, down, down, left, right, start” I never owned an NES when I was a kid but when I was at my friend’s house it was Game On! The memories are what make Mario SUPER!

  19. Renee

    Super Mario is super because the game is still enjoyable and never gets old after many years have passed!

  20. Eduardo

    Super Mario is super because he is essentially Mr. Video Games. He has stared in many titles, of different genres and for most of the time he has succeeded in his adventures transcending generations reaching kids as well as adults because something simple: their games are fun.

  21. Lindsey R

    Super Mario is Super because it’s so playable (minus the CD-i one… let’s not think about that one at all…)

  22. Rob Hale

    Super Mario is Super because it is still super fun in 2013! Video games today are more complex, but that doesn’t mean they are more fun.

  23. Michael Dalton

    Mario is super because he eats a power up mushroom and becomes large. This is the technical answer. Remember, first he was “jumpman” in Donkey Kong. (Yes, he was nameless) Then Mario Bros. was born from that DK series. Did any of you miss Donkey Kong 3? The main character’s name was Stanley for God’s sake! Can you imagine if it had been called Super Stanley Bros.? Anyway- I wonder how many people know there is an actual arcade version of the game, which has many different variations in the levels. For instance, when you warp in world 4-2- you can only warp to world 6. That’s right folks. There is only one green pipe. You have no idea how difficult world 6 is. There is a spot on 6-2 that you have to time the bullets just right: bounce on them to perch on a single block in the middle of space. I never made it past that point. :( GO BLIK!

  24. Beth D.

    Super Mario is SUPER because he is a timeless character!

  25. Ann M

    Mario is super because it was one of the few games that revolutionized gaming as we know it.
    Also, he’s super because everyone knows who Mario is, even if they never played the games before!
    He’s one of the most recognizable game characters out there and will be known for years and years to come.

  26. Scott Richards

    Super Mario was a trail blazer in its catchy music, characters, and platforming. It hit a lot of right things early on and set a standard that was topped by its own series and others. Yet, it never grew stale due to these basic appeals.

  27. Guillaume Cameron

    Super Mario is the dogs bollocks no doubt about it. From it’s funky beats, to it’s amazballs game play and graphics. Blik is making sure that we don’t forget that

  28. Heather

    Turtle tipping, warp zones, minus world, moonwalking through the blue bricks! Need I say more?!

  29. Michael Teeters

    My son thinks Super Mario is super!

  30. Duncan

    The music is catchy, the graphics are bright and entertaining, the controls and navigation are clear… This had been a full-family favorite since it first came out. And the variety and number of levels… Oh my!

  31. Greg

    Because it’s something both I and my boys enjoy together!

  32. Sheehun

    To me Super Mario is super because the Nintendo 64 version was my first video game. My sister learned how to read through the game. I remember being terrified of Bowser and thought my mom was amazing for being able to beat him. She all 120 stars before I could get 20! Super Mario is super because it was the series that introduced me to video games and Super Mario games are still one of my favorites.

  33. Kevin

    What makes Super Mario super? The fact that this series has been coming out with new games for over 25 years now and yet they still manage to make the new ones feel fresh and inventive, and as always, really fun! Something plenty of other games forget. And at the same time, the old titles are still fun to play no matter how many times you’ve beaten them before.

  34. Wendy

    Super Mario is super because it’s a game that you’ll never grow out of, or bored of. In theory it’s such a simple game, but something about it lures you back again and again–even if you haven’t played in years, it’s easy to remember why you loved it in the first place once you pick it back up. Also, Yoshi is one of the best supporting characters (IMO).

  35. Makhlook

    Super Mario saved the video game industry. Many gamers today probably aren’t aware of this, but in the early 80s the video game industry was almost destroyed. Known as the Video Game Crash of 1983, it was a recession in the industry caused by saturation of consoles and low-quality games that lead to a huge drop in annual video game sales, from $3 billion in 1982 to $100 million in 1985. In 1985 Nintendo came out with the NES, and bundled their console with the original Super Mario. By 1989 the NES had sold 30 million units and annual video game sales had risen to $5 billion. To this day the original Super Mario is the second best selling video game of all time, selling 40.24 million copies. Nintendo and Mario brought the video game industry. The strength and diversity of the industry would be much weaker today if it wasn’t for Nintendo and Mario, and that is why Super Mario is super.

  36. Pac-man-Pat

    Other than Pac-Man, it’s one of the most iconic game collections that have made gamers happy for decades. You can be 50 or 2 years old and Mario and Luigi have made you as a gamer smile and have some sort of fond gaming memories.

  37. Camilo

    What makes Mario Super? Mushrooms hehehe

  38. Krystle

    What makes Super Mario super? In my opinion, it would have to be the replay ability. I can go out, buy a new video game, learn the story, and beat it all within eight hours. Sure, it was fun but when it’s done, it’s done. All the secrets have been learned; odds are I’m not going to pick up the game again. Super Mario might not have the most in-depth plot, but it’s a good one. It’s simplicity brings us back to the game over and over again. It’s fun but still challenging, and that is something you don’t see too often these days. Super Mario is a classic. I’ve played the game for as long as I remember and I’ll continue playing it into the future. You don’t come across ‘super’ games often but when you do, you have to keep them around for as long as you enjoy them.

  39. Homer L

    What makes Super Mario Super? Every kid growing up in the 1980s (myself included) know Super Mario Brothers is one of the greatest game ever created. With simple gameplay and level designs, even today, I find myself booting up my NES and play a game or two. Can a video icon last for 30+ years and still going strong? Only Super Mario does!

  40. Christopher Arnold

    Super Mario is the best because the series focuses not on story, graphics, but rather gameplay. The gameplay and mechanics has always come first in a Super Mario game and the simple pure fun of jumping on everything and everything reacting to you is what makes the original Super Mario fun!!!

  41. Angie S

    Super Mario is super not only because it’s a classic game but also because of the fond memories I have of playing it with my siblings while growing up.

  42. It'sARainbow!

    Super Mario is super because… It’s just so random! I mean, a plumber who has to save a princess from a spiked ginger mega turtle and eats mushrooms to grow and talks to talking toadstool guys! Just… Awesome!


    Super Mario is an every man’s man, and a gentleman. He can jump, he can run, and he never tires or gives up. He’s one hell of a swimmer, and looks great in a raccoon suit.

    I’ve played Super Mario since I was 6, and still play it today at 32 years old.

    Love Super Mario, Love Blik.

  44. Charity L

    Super Mario was the first game that I played a lot when I was a kid, and now my kids like to play it with me. It is the only game series that all of my kids (ages 10 – 17) and I like to play together.

  45. Lili

    Super Mario Bros is super because it has stood the test of time! It’s 30 years later and the games are still amazing, fun to play, and span the generations.

  46. Ryan

    Super Mario is super because “Super Mario Bros” sounded better to the marketing department than “Average Mario Bros”. To be fair, it was a pretty super game for its time.

  47. Josh shoeman

    The thing that separates Mario from the others is the ability to reinvent the same game many times and you still find new ways to play. Super Mario 3D world is latest example. Mario has done many things from his own sports games, to saving the princess and is also a plumber. There were even good cartoons and a “funny” movie on them. Mario is timeless and that separates him from other game characters and is what makes Mario unique

  48. Sarah B.

    The music is Super! And the pipes are Super! And it’s still Super fun to play!

  49. brent henry

    Its super as no matter what age you are there is a Mario game which you love. Generation gaps patched over.
    My Godson being one of the newbies addicted to Mario.
    (Which if I were to win would go to my Gorgeous Godson)

  50. Cody

    Super Mario is super because that initial game back on the NES has spawned numerous other games either involving similar plots or the same characters that we all know and love.

  51. Kate DeCoste

    Mario is SUPER because it entertains my kids for a LONG time! Not only do they enjoy playing the video game (limited amounts), but they also pretend to be Mario and Luigi (complete with recycled Halloween Costumes)! They will spend hours in the driveway with sidewalk chalk drawing mushrooms and bullets to stomp on!

  52. John M.

    Super Mario is super because he keeps rescuing Princess Peach every time she gets kidnapped by Bowser.

  53. Stephanie McKeon

    Super is short for Superintendent Mario. He used to be a carpenter but then bought some property from all the gold coins he collected while working in the sewers and the cement factory.

    Some people mistakingly call him Super Nintendo Mario

  54. Julie

    The fact that he does well, no matter what kind of game you throw him in. Also how many heroes in popular culture are plumbers?

  55. Allison C

    The game has withstood the test of time. It is still as fun playing it now as it was when I was younger.

  56. Tiffany Knox

    Super Mario is super because it’s like a box of chocolates you never what your gonna get. You get different powers and obstacles. All ages can adapt to it. Mario and Luigi are always looking to rescue the princess. Everyone wants to be a hero. Super mario lets you play out your dream in a fantasy game. Super mario is like peanut butter and jelly it will always be around and never get old.

  57. amy

    Mario has proven to withstand the test of time. Its fun for all ages!!! The newest one super mario 3d is amazing

  58. charles

    Mario is super because he keeps going after the same princess who gets “captured” all the time. That’s some super dedication to his girl.

  59. Rodrigo Eguez

    It’s the mushrooms.

  60. NES4ever

    Back when there was no “save game” option every game had an epic life or death urgency.

  61. Keep Waitin' Luigi

    Any game where you can potentially force your friend to wait hours for his turn (aka until you finally die) always has an element of awesome. And which one gets the princess after they rescue her–Mario or Luigi? Or is that simply a lesson for kids about sharing?

  62. mariogirl

    Mario is super because it doesn’t take much to make him happy. Give him a flower or fungus and he’s set.

  63. Go Mario

    Mario is super because he proves that with big dreams and some magic mushrooms even the tiniest plumber can save the world.

  64. Jdh

    Mario rules!! He’s got the skills to make all the princesses give him 1up!!

  65. Jason

    Mario is a super star invincible

  66. Jason

    Mario is super because he can reinvent himself over and over and In different genres like super Mario rpg and paper Mario

  67. Jason

    Mario’s the best, he always get the girl and he can spit hot fire!!!!

  68. Nick

    Super Mario will always be the best as who wouldn’t want to eat a magic mushroom to grow big, defeat baddies and save a beautiful princess!

  69. David H.

    Mario spans generations — kids and parents can play, and even grandparents play or watch. The sense of exploration and the colorful worlds can draw anyone in.

  70. Tom Wilson

    This a truly a stupendous addition to the Super Mario Bros. collection of Blik Wall Decals. Mario instantly adds a touch of fun and nostalgia to any space. All in all, Mario is super heroic and super classy….unlike his gassy counterpart Wario.

  71. JC

    Because Mario has persevered for generations. Starting as a nameless character jumping over barrels and fighting a giant monkey, to his first name sake game that ushered in a revolution in gaming, to the icon and globally recognized brand he is today.

  72. Surf Mario

    One word… Mustache

  73. Annette

    Mario is super, because he reminds me of a super time in my life: when my children were younger and we first learned to play video games together. Mario was our first.

  74. Sam

    Super Mario holds a special place in my heart because it symbolizes my childhood. The memories of joy and elation playing my favorite plumber stomping around is without a doubt something I will never forget.

    To many of my peers still playing video games to this day, game on! Thank you Mario and the rest of the superb cast, this gamer will never forget the memories that started it all!

  75. AR

    THE PURE JOY. A happier game has yet to be made!

  76. Kortney

    It’s all about the ‘stache.

  77. Jan

    Mario is super because he teaches children valuable lessons on how to react to turtles.

  78. Jon Lai

    Mario is super because he went through the whole game just to save princess peach!!!

  79. mara lee

    Because he’s stays healthy by eating his mushrooms and he will do anything to protect the princess!

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