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The Wit of Dan Witz is Back at Blik. Plus a Giveaway!

The Wit of Dan Witz is Back at Blik. Plus a Giveaway!The master of visual pranks, street artist Dan Witz, is back at Blik adding to his clever What the %$#@ series with 3 new wall “grate” graphics – Fish, Gator Grate and Amadou (Two Hands). Dan likes to put outrageous things right out there in plain view and these graphics will surely make anyone do a double take.

Giveaway: So imagine if you walked by a grate in your home or on the street and saw a gator, fish or someone behind it. What would you do? Scream, feed it, post a picture to Instagram or something else? We’re giving away 5 of these new Dan Witz grates and your answer to our question could make you a winner. The 5 lucky winners will be selected at random and can choose one of these three new wall grates.

The Wit of Dan Witz is Back at Blik. Plus a Giveaway!

Details: Enter the giveaway by telling us what you would do if you walked by a grate with a gator, fish or someone behind it. Answer by commenting on this blog post by 11:59pm PST on November 17, 2013. The 5 winners will be randomly selected and notified on November 18, 2013. Each winner can select a Fish, Gator Grate or Amadou (Two Hands) wall grate for their prize.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who entered the giveaway! The 5 winners have been randomly selected and notified by email today, November 18. Congratulations to Mona, Brian, Cindy, Carol and Diane.


88 Responses

  1. Nancy McClure

    I would clean my glasses and look again….

  2. Kelly Lee

    I would jump, but look again. :)

  3. Lisa Ormsby

    I’d take a picture

  4. Kobi Hensley

    I would laugh and take a pic to share with my friends :)

  5. Andrea Cook

    These are fantastic! It would make me look twice for sure!

  6. KES

    I think fingers coming at you through a grate in the wall can only mean one thing : Zombie Apocalypse. Well, it’s been a good run.

  7. Minttu

    I guess I would be a bit confused.

  8. cheval

    Walk up and touch it, then take a pic with me touching it looking horrified. too fun

  9. Russ

    Double take for sure! Gator is my favorite!

  10. Amanda F

    I think I would probably run and turn around for another look when I was far enough away.

  11. LF Gibson

    If I saw one of these outside my vintage downtown loft. I would wonder who in their right mind was keeping a Gator or a Hostage in their basement!

  12. Tracy B.

    If I saw the hands one, it would probably startle me! haha :) I love these.

  13. William Lin

    I would say, “Hello…?” and then immediately feel stupid for doing so.

  14. Shana

    I would say, “What the…” And then get really close to see what the hell was going on.

  15. N. Diaz

    “Only in New York’s sewers” as my Facebook post caption

  16. Shavanna

    Lol these are AWESOME!!! Since I live in Florida, I would probably back away from the grate with the gator. The fish, I’d tap on “the glass” and the hands, well I’d figure they could probably use another one and try to help them out.

  17. steven feinstein

    What a grate way to get noticed….. I really like these.
    If I walked by one of these, I think I would do a double take, stop and then take a pic and post on FaceBook…. and then I would stop others walking by and point it out and act terrified, just to get them into it as well… and the last thing I would do would be to set up a video camera and record reactions of others who notice.

  18. Spela

    I would look twice and check the one behind grates for tetanus because those barriers really seem rusty! =)

  19. Chrisitne

    I would post it on instagram like it was real

  20. ADirks

    Double take. Audible “what the . . . ?” and then probably a quick photo with my iPhone. They are all “GRATE”! :-)

  21. Heath Shedd

    That is good looking gator.

  22. Gabriella Perez

    I would bend, and i would approach to ask them….what are you doing down there???

  23. Rodrigo Eguez

    I would tap on the glass of the fish tank.

  24. Tonya Jimenez

    I would definitely do a double take! The gator one would scare me greatly, since I already have so many reptiles in our house! We have snakes, toads, lizards, chameleons, geckos, tarantulas, etc. But the gator would probably make my heart jump into my mouth!

  25. Tabitha Bonds

    You would probably find me on the ground getting a closer look. Although the finger one might panic me at first!

  26. Jeremy

    In all honestly, I’d probably snapchat it.

  27. Holly Kennedy

    Take a pic and post it.

  28. Jacen Spector

    High five hands of course! Maybe feed the fish too.

  29. Shawna Armstrong

    I would put it in my home, a little out of the way, and hope it makes people look twice and feel either unsettled or laugh!

  30. Amy Donahue

    Like many others, I’d do a double take, and then wish I had a smartphone so that I could send it to instagram because no one would ever believe me.

  31. cathy gillette

    these are grate!! ;) If we won one of these, we would put it in our children’s corner of the library for fun!! they would love it!!

  32. diane conover (@djc319)

    I would have to do a double take when I got my breath back.I Love this !It would be Grate to have up when in-laws come to visit !! LOL

  33. Emily Firkus

    i’d probably see it, turn around, walk back, look closely, wipe my glasses on my shirt (a la “squints” in the sandlot) and then giggle profusely while walking away.

  34. Jennifer Yim

    Break it out! FREEDOM!!

  35. Kyra Gorski

    I would of course take a closer look!

  36. brent henry

    I’d do a mini jump (usually transfixed listening to music).. stand still in fear. Slowly sway the top half of my body to get a better perception. once the way is clear chuckle as if I knew it wasnt real in the first place. Snap it and then pin to instagram. Make sure i use extra laundry detergent to wash my smalls once home :)

  37. David

    If I saw the gator, I would take a photo and tweet it.
    If I saw the hands, I would take a photo and FB it.
    If I saw the fishes, I would take a photo and G+ it.

  38. Carol

    poke it with a stick

  39. Eric

    Jump backwards and Gasp!

  40. Kerry

    Definitely do a double take!

  41. amy

    I would take a photo

  42. Karen

    I would LOVE to see a Gator looking through a gate… I have Always been so fascinated with them… but from a distance… I am like Winona Ryder in Autumn in New York…I am a Unique and even have that Tattooed on me, my whole house is Unique and that would Fit right in :D

  43. thi

    I would’ve scream bloody loud and run out like a crazy mad woman.

  44. Megan M

    I would stop and look perplexed. In the case of the hands, I would be very freaked out! I would probably take a photo once I realized it was fake. :P

  45. Chris

    I’d say, “Where can I get one?!”

  46. Laura

    I would do a double take and then drag everyone I could find over to check it out too.

  47. cindy

    if i saw the 2 hands, i would ask if someone needed help. if i saw the gator, i would run. if i saw the fish, i would smile.

  48. Angie

    1. Instant upset stomach
    2. Inch my way closer
    3. Figure out that it’s not real
    4-a. Immediately instagram it (or)
    4-b. Curse the heavens because I left my phone behind

  49. wendy sissel

    I would think “I’m working too hard. I need a vacation.”

  50. Aaron

    I would say “Wow, that’s grate!” And then go home inspired to create more of my own artwork.

  51. Linda Coss

    fish-? whoa that’s a huge tank…
    hands-freak out, try talk/save the person, cal 911

  52. Mona Wimberly

    I’d scream, then laugh

  53. Raymond Langer

    I would tap an the glass to get the fishes attention.

  54. Crystal

    I would just laugh because that is our kind of humor in this house!

  55. Julie Power

    It would depend on which one I saw. The fish, I would just laugh. The gator I might scream a little and then be very embarrassed that I had screamed. The hands reaching out, that one is my favorite, I think I would jump back, then laugh nervously. I just love them.

  56. Jennifer R

    I’d stop and investigate. So clever, the gator is my favorite.

  57. Cyn

    I’d think “Wait a minute, those look EXACTLY like that stuff that Witz Guy was doing for Blik! WTH?!!” ;-)

  58. Diane

    It would be a companion piece to my What the%$#@Michael. Love, love, love the fish but those fingers go better with Michael, but a little more urban.

  59. Mimi

    poop my pants…..

  60. Shirley Y

    I would scream as loud as I can

  61. deane

    call the cops.

  62. Marianne Todd pratt

    Stop and check it out

  63. Tina

    I’d drop my cupcake.

  64. Deb

    I would be passing by, and I would be thinking, did I just see what I thought? Then, take backwards steps and take a long stare, mesmorised by the image,and take in the work of art with a huge smile on my face !

  65. Janette

    I’d immediately get startled but eventually snap a picture.

  66. Keri

    I’d walk my dog past it and see what he’d do. He stopped in his tracks and wouldn’t stop staring at a man’s face on the side of a Sears Service van. Ha! Can you imagine what he’d do with an alligator.

  67. sherri crawford

    with my heart in my throat get a closer look

  68. Cheryl M.

    Instagram it!

  69. E

    Definitely a scream would be in order, accompanied by several grate kicks.

  70. Acci O

    I would take a closer look.

  71. Bryan

    I wouldn’t even notice, then I’d get goosebumps later when I heard about it and think, “ohhhhh, I walked right by that.”

  72. Cindy

    It would lift my spirit, and put a smile on my face!

  73. Sreve

    I’m sure I would do a double take and then watch to the see the reactions of anyone else that walked by.

  74. Susan

    Doubletake for sure, then tweet it!

  75. Tina

    I’d probably do a double take and then jump if I saw any one of those!

  76. Tara S

    I would probably laugh, a lot. when would you expect to see someone in a grate?!

  77. tracey byram

    I would definitely do a doubletake.

  78. William Scalerco

    I would take a selfie next to it.

  79. Brian

    After a very Long staring look and I realized it wasn’t real , I would have to go home and change my drawers from literally having the
    “$h!T” Scared out of Me and then start drinking heavily !!!!

  80. Kristin Klauser

    I’d grab the Hoover.

  81. Annette

    If I walked by one with a gator, I’d not be too surprised since I live in S. Louisiana and am always concerned about running into one of those.

  82. Cynthia Teer

    I would show my son’s, who would be taking pics on their phones & sending them to their facebook pages. Sweet!

  83. Sara

    I would recoil while grabbing my husbands arm. Then I would buy one for each of my kids.

  84. Amy

    Find out where I could buy one myself! love it!

  85. Jen Lynn Rutsky

    I think at first I’d be shocked, depending on the animal maybe even a little scared, then probably giggle. And then take a picture and post it on Facebook :)

  86. Laura Garmendia

    Take a photo of it!

  87. Jen Bush

    Show it to my four year old. And video her reaction. (Obviously.)

  88. Don Mcclure

    I would phograph it.

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